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This new page is a call to use the wiki beyond a rapid formation of knowledgebase. What we have at Wikipedia is a community with the strength and good will to share what we know are important information that affect all of our lives in many complex fields and fashions. What kind of renewable energy is available to us? Is global warming a real threat? Do we reallly know what is happening to political prisoners in other countries? There is a wealth of resources implied by articles in Wikipedia already written about these topics. To go a step further after compiling the most comprehensive Encyclopedic work there ever is, we can apply the same collaborative model and its values to work out democratic answers to these problems. These answers, or rather attempts, like Wikipedia, will never be absolute - their significance derived from their dynamic nature and consensus of all contributors.

A rudimentary hypothesis in need of experts' and more experienced Wikians' help[edit]

All of our cells are subjected to the process of aging (senescence). Even though it has been theorized that one day our science could change or interfere this process, presently no one can (easily) manipulate or control the state of aging of living tissues on our bodies by genetic methods. What that means is: an examination of the age of the cells from an organ or part can reveal information about how much physical (or chemical) wear or damage they have been subjected to. That could probably lead to forensic methods which look for patterns from such information collected from victims of assaults.

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