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WikiTV-Interview with Rebecca Cotton (WMDE)
WikiTV message from Alice Wiegand

WikiTV or WikiTelevision is the name of several audiovisual WikiProjects aiming to produce video and streaming media for and about Wikimedia projects. The first ideas were published in 2005 on Meta by user Väsk.[1] For the 2010 Wikimania, user Deproduction entered a submission about an open media project by that name.[2] In 2011, user 80686 started the German WikiTV project prior to the WikiConvention in Nuremberg.[3] Meanwhile, a lot of material has been produced and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

Next big thing: Wikimania 2014[edit]

The preparation for video production from the Wikimania 2014 has been started and all Wikipedians are welcome to participate at the collaboration page wm2014:Videos.

Project pages[edit]

German & Austrian broadcasting[edit]

On 28 January 2013, the Austrian and Bavarian public broadcasting networks ORF and BR started a WikiTV series in their joint 24/7 channel BR-alpha.[4] In these series they publish talks with Wikipedia contributors about topics considered relevant for society.[5]



Please add your signature and skills below if you're interested in joining the production of WikTV.

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