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The Great American Wiknic is an annual wiki-picnic held in cities across the United States on or around a common day every summer. The 2015 Wiknic will be on Sunday, July 5 or Saturday, July 25th (to avoid the holidays), as well as nearby dates, as per local preference.

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Wiknic participants in San Francisco, June 2011
Wiknic participants in Boston, June 23, 2012

The Wiknic is the picnic anyone can edit, with people bringing their own picnic food and perhaps other items to share. Suggestions are offered by the page for New York City's first Wiknic and the announcements for the various 2011 -2014 events (below).

Wiknics are:

  • Easy to organize, even for old Wikipedians
  • Welcoming to everyone, even for new Wikipedians and Wikipedian-wannabes
  • Fun!

In short, a Wiknic can be a great easy-in to real life Wikipedia culture, and lead to greater wiki-community and outreach in your corner of the country!

This page can also be reached at the shorter domain name

Great American Wiknic picnip meetups by region[edit]

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The 2015 Great American Wiknic will be held on Sunday, July 5th or Saturday, July 24th (and nearby dates), with local groups feeling free to choose a differing date so as to make the meetup more convenient for their attendees.

With grassroots organizing help from local Wikipedia:Meetup groups and the Wikimedians Active in Local Regions of the United States (WALRUS) committee...

Everyone is encouraged to start a Wiknic page for their own city, and please sign up both at your city's meetup page (in bold), as well as on this page. Be sure that it is in this format: City, Location, Day, Date (Month, Day, Year), Time (00:00 AM/PM)

Please watch this page for future updates and for new cities being added.

If you have questions about getting help for event planning for a new city, please ask on the Wiknic discussion page, or for real-time chat and coordination, visit the Wiknic IRC channel at #wikipedia-en-wiknic connect. You may also leave a message for the IRC channel operator, Symmachus, on his talk page.

Northeast (2015)[edit]

Mid-Atlantic (2015)[edit]

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Midwest (2015)[edit]

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West and Southwest (2015)[edit]

Southeast (2015)[edit]

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The rest of the world[edit]

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Start an event for your city[edit]

To jumpstart a Wiknic in your city or town, feel free to copy-and-paste the example text below (adjust placenames accordingly!) - ideally include the town, event date, park name, and the local wiki-meetup page -

Frostbite Falls, Minnesota : June 22 - Great Moose Park - Wikipedia:Meetup/Moosylvania/Wiknic

Ask any questions at Wikipedia talk:Wiknic. It is an amazing event for anyone!

History and development[edit]

The first national Wiknic was held in June 2011, and 16 cities took part with Wiknics large and small. June 2012 was a success as well, and now third time's a charm with Wiknic 3.0 June 2013. The Wiknic concept was modeled on the Wikipedia 10 celebrations and on the past success of Wiknics in New York City, and has inspired other large-scale coordinated events like Wikipedia Loves Libraries and Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States.


  • Press coverage of 2011 events:


The 2012 Great American Wiknic was held on June 23 (and nearby dates), by a happy coincidence also Alan Turing's Centennial.



The 2014 Great American Wiknic was held on July 6th (and nearby dates).

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