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WikiProject Report: Biography

By Arknascar44, 8 October, 2007

WikiProject Biography is a WikiProject devoted to creating and improving Wikipedia's articles about people. The project was started by Ram-Man (talk · contribs) on 24 October 2002. It is now one of Wikipedia's most active projects, and currently has 400 members. Previously, it had a proposal to have project coordinators for all of its departments, but the page was marked as historical by Radiant! (talk · contribs) on 3 April 2007 because there had been no discussion about the proposal for one month.

Current events

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The project's Summer 2007 Assessment drive began on 1 June 2007 and ended on 1 September 2007 with the hopes of lessening the project's backlog of around 113,000 unassessed, or unrated articles. As prizes, the top assessors, based on the number of articles they rated using the project's quality scale, received a barnstar for their work. By the end of the drive, over 100,000 articles were assessed, reducing the backlog by over half. 10,440 of the articles were assessed by the first prize winner, Ludahai. For comparison, the Spring 2007 drive, which came to a close on 24 March 2007, rated 40,000 articles; Sapphic assessed the most articles in that drive.

On October 13, an IRC meeting will be held to help WikiProject members assess how to "revive" areas of the WikiProject that have gone stagnant.


The Biography project currently has 7 departments in order to split up and organize its workload.

Descendant projects

Task forces and projects related to WikiProject Biography include:

How to help

While the project has a very large amount of members, it could always use more help. If you want to join it, you can visit its members page and sign up.

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