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The Wikipedia Signpost

In the news

By Enochlau, January 28, 2008

User survey to be conducted

Wikipedia To Learn More About Its Volunteers - The Wikimedia Foundation will conduct a survey on Wikipedia users together with the joint United Nations-Maastricht University. It is said that there is currently little data about Wikipedia readers and editors, and the information will help understand how Wikipedia functions. The survey will be conducted over the next few months in various languages and the results are intended to be released at Wikimania this year.

Other mentions

Other recent mentions in the online press include:

  • What the future holds for Wikipedia - Florence Devouard was interviewed at the World Economic Forum, and she talked about how she got involved, her involvement with the Wikimedia Foundation and some future features of Wikipedia.
  • Monday Breakfast Bender - Wikipedia was used as a reference for the biggest snowflakes ever recorded.[dead link]
  • Wikipedia, Ubuntu founders back 'open education' - Jimmy Wales backs a declaration to disrupt the educational materials market, just as open source software has disrupted proprietary software, by introducing a process to help open-content material, while realising the difficulties that lie ahead.
  • People are taking back their power - Users on the Internet have the ability to express themselves, and that includes editing Wikipedia.

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