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The Wikipedia Signpost

The Report on Lengthy Litigation

By Ral315 and David Mestel, 31 March, 2008

The Arbitration Committee opened one new case this week.

New case

Voting phase

  • Prem Rawat: A case involving the actions of editors on Prem Rawat and related articles. Remedies proposed by bainer, and not voted on by any other arbitrators, would place Rawat-related articles on article probation, advise Jossi to maintain his February commitment not to edit articles related to the Rawat movement, and encouraging editors to seek the help of neutral editors in resolving disputes.
  • Betacommand 2: A case involving the actions of Betacommand and others in relation to BetacommandBot, a controversial bot which tags some non fair use compliant images. Betacommand's actions had previously been discussed on a subpage of WP:AN. The main remedy, supported by four arbitrators, would instruct Betacommand to remain civil, refrain from making personal attacks, operate BetacommandBot within the scope of policies, and refrain from "further instances of untoward conduct"; an alternate remedy, with three supporting and one abstaining, would extend the remedy to require Betacommand to allow a method of opting out of user talk-page messages. Other remedies proposed, and supported by four arbitrators, would urge Betacommand to be more responsive to good-faith questions, advise editors that images and media may be periodically reviewed for compliance with non-free content criteria, and ask the community to re-examine policies regarding image deletion, bot-directed and otherwise.

Motion to close

  • Highways 2: A case involving editing by NE2 on articles relating to WikiProject U.S. Roads, allegedly against consensus of other editors involved with that wikiproject. If closed as-is, only a remedy counseling editors to consider contributing outside of disputed articles would pass, though an additional remedy, advising WikiProject U.S. Roads to refer to prior debates when explaining prior consensus, has recently been proposed.

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