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The Wikipedia Signpost

News and notes

By Ral315, 19 May, 2008

Russian overtakes Swedish for 10th-largest Wikipedia

This week, the Russian Wikipedia officially overtook the Swedish Wikipedia as the 10th-largest Wikipedia, replacing it on the portal. This week also marked the German Wikipedia's 750,000th article, and the Polish Wikipedia's 500,000th article.


  • After a poll to change the autoconfirmed level, it has been changed from a requirement of 4 days and 0 edits to 4 days and 10 edits for the English Wikipedia. Discussion is currently ongoing as to what the consensus was; some users have argued that consensus was actually for 7 days and 20 edits, since 66.7% supported at least that level, and that option received 61.3% of the votes by itself.
  • Meta-Wiki has reached 1,000,000 revisions. In true "meta" fashion, the 1,000,000th revision updated Wikimedia News to mention the millionth revision.
  • The Ukrainian Wiktionary has reached 5,000 articles.
  • The Vietnamese Wikipedia has reached 40,000 articles and 200,000 pages.

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