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The Wikipedia Signpost

Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News

By ais523, 26 May, 2008

This is a summary of recent technology and site configuration changes that affect the English Wikipedia. Note that not all changes described here are necessarily live as of press time; the English Wikipedia is currently running version 1.25wmf3 (bc55fd3), and changes to the software with a version number higher than that will not yet be active. Configuration changes and changes to interface messages, however, become active immediately.

Fixed bugs

  • Attempting to delete a redirect to an image no longer deletes the image instead. (r35113, bug 14199)
  • The new-messages bar is no longer triggered by the deletion of a user's talk page. (r35133, bug 14077)
  • When the preference which determines the maximum number of changes to show in the watchlist is left blank, it now uses a sensible default rather than 0. (r35134, bug 14100)
  • A URL-encoded link in an edit summary now links to the correct target. (r35197, bug 14140)
  • When a bureaucrat renames themself, the page-moves that move the pages in their userspace to their new username are now attributed to their new username, rather than their old username. (r35211, bug 14219)

New features

Ongoing news

  • Internationalisation has been continuing as normal; help is always appreciated! See mw:Localisation statistics for how complete the translations of languages you know are, and post any updates to bugzilla or use Betawiki.

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