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The Signpost

The Signpost Series

This page is an archive of previous serial articles for The Signpost. Series are occasional groups of articles that run in The Signpost, often as independent or integrated columns. They may focus on individual events (for example, Wikimania coverage or Pending changes trial, or on an individual topic area (for example Tutorials and Dispatches). A list of series can be found below.



Title Date Author(s)
Editing Monobook, installing scripts 2008-03-17 Nousernamesleft
Summary of Policies 2008-03-13 The Placebo Effect
How to use an ImageMap 2008-03-03 Nihiltres
Getting an article to featured article status 2008-02-18 Yannismarou
Basic dispute resolution 2008-02-11 Master of Puppets
Adding citations 2008-02-04 Jonathan, Jeepday, John Broughton
Reporting and dealing with vandals 2008-01-28 Luna Santin
Fundamentals of editing 2008-01-14 Enochlau





January 2006 ArbCom elections[edit]

Written by Flcelloguy, this series covers the 2006 Arbitration Committee elections.

2006 M.A.N.I.A. Series[edit]

Written by Sj and Phoebe, this series covers the 2006 Wikimania news, up through the last of the international wikimeets at the end of August.

December 2006 ArbCom elections[edit]

Written by Ral315, this series covers the December 2006 Arbitration Committee elections.

Interwiki reports[edit]

A series of reports from various language Wikipedias, written by editors from those languages


2007 Board election[edit]

Written by Ral315, this series covers the 2007 Board of Trustees elections.


2008 Arbcom elections[edit]

Interviews and profiles of the 2008 Arbcom candidates

2008 Board of Trustees appointments[edit]



A three-year ongoing series about flagged revisions, written by many editors

2009 Licensing update[edit]

Written by Phoebe and other editors

Book tool[edit]

Articles about the new book tool and namespace


Pending changes trial[edit]

Continuation of Flaggedrevs, focusing on the Pending changes trial and community wide results



Movemment roles and financing[edit]

Does Wikipedia Pay?[edit]

Requests for Adminship[edit]

About RFA and what's going wrong

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