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The Signpost
Special desk

Special desk

In addition to publishing weekly sections like News and notes and WikiProject reports, the Signpost also communicates occasional "special reports", in-depth covers on developing stories, histories of projects, statistical reports, and other, similar, special pieces. This desk aims to be a space where we can corroborate such reports.

How it works[edit]

The Signpost has several desks for special articles: an interviews desk for interviews with other editors and prominent project contributors, and opinion desk for individual and group op eds, and a review desk for book reviews. The many articles that fall outside of the purview of these desks are sent here instead.

Please comment on submissions below: share ideas about how to improve pieces that catch your interest, make suggestions as to whether a given piece is ready for publication, or pitch ideas for future pieces.

Note that submissions should be kept relatively neutral. We ask that comments be kept constructive; if you are unclear on any of the process or have questions related thereto, feel free to use the talkpage.

Submission guidelines[edit]

Proposals should be listed in the Newsroom or on our talk page.


This is a new desk, and as such previously unrelated special reports are difficult to list completely. Here is a complete listing going back to December 2010: