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Wikipedia Zero is a project by the Wikimedia Foundation to provide Wikipedia free of charge on mobile phones, particularly in developing markets.[1][2] The program was launched in 2012.[3] In March 2013, Wikipedia Zero won a SXSW Interactive Award for activism.[4] The objective of the program is to reduce barriers to accessing free knowledge—one of the largest barriers being cost of data usage.


Video about free access to Wikipedia

Wikipedia Zero was first launched in Malaysia in May 2012.[5] In October 2012, it was launched in Thailand and Saudi Arabia with dtac and Saudi Telecom Company respectively. In May 2013, it was launched in Pakistan with Mobilink.[6] In June 2013, it was launched in Sri Lanka with Dialog Axiata.[7] Free Wikipedia access is provided in India through Aircel.[8] In October 2013, it was launched in Jordan with Umniah. In 25th October 2013, it was launched in Bangladesh with Banglalink.[9][10] On April 28th, 2014, it was launched in Kosovo on the IPKO network.[11] In May 2014, it was also launched in Nepal with Ncell.[12] In 19th May 2014, it was launched in Kyrgyzstan with Beeline.[13]

Facebook Zero has been cited as an inspiration for Wikipedia Zero.[14][15][16]

Reception and impact[edit]

The Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones of Chile ruled that zero-rating services like Wikipedia Zero, Facebook Zero, and Google Free Zone, that subsidize mobile data usage, violate net neutrality laws and had to end the practise by June 1, 2014.[17][18]

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