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Wikipedia Zero is a project by the Wikimedia Foundation to provide Wikipedia free of charge on mobile phones, particularly in developing markets.[1][2] The program was launched in 2012,[3] and won a 2013 SXSW Interactive Award for activism.[4] The objective of the program is to reduce barriers in access to free knowledge: in particular with data-usage cost.


Browsing Wikipedia via Ncell in Nepal.

Wikipedia Zero was first launched in Malaysia in May 2012.[5] In October 2012, it was launched in Thailand and Saudi Arabia with dtac and Saudi Telecom Company respectively, launching in Pakistan with Mobilink in May 2013.[6] In June 2013, it was launched in Sri Lanka with Dialog Axiata.[7] Free Wikipedia access is provided in India through Aircel.[8] In October 2013, it was launched in Jordan with Umniah. In 25th October 2013, it was launched in Bangladesh with Banglalink.[9][10] On April 28th, 2014, it was launched in Kosovo on the IPKO network.[11] In May 2014, it was also launched in Nepal with Ncell.[12] In 19th May 2014, it was launched in Kyrgyzstan with Beeline.[13]

Facebook Zero has been cited as an inspiration for Wikipedia Zero.[14][15][16]

Reception and impact[edit]

The Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones of Chile ruled that zero-rating services like Wikipedia Zero, Facebook Zero, and Google Free Zone, that subsidize mobile data usage, violate net neutrality laws and had to end the practice by June 1, 2014.[17][18]

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