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For information about using Wikipedia on mobile devices, see Help:Mobile access.
Wikipedia App (Android)
Developer(s) Wikimedia Foundation Inc
Stable release 2.0-r-2014-12-01 / December 1, 2014; 16 days ago (2014-12-01)
Preview release 2.0-beta-2014-12-09[1] / December 9, 2014; 8 days ago (2014-12-09)
Operating system Android

2.8MB (Stable)

3.2MB (Beta version)
Wikipedia App (iOS)
Wikipedia app iOS.jpg
Developer(s) Wikimedia Foundation Inc
Stable release 4.0.6 / December 5, 2014; 12 days ago (2014-12-05)
Operating system iOS
Size 5.1MB
Website Wikipedia Mobile on iTunes
Wikipedia App (Firefox OS)
Developer(s) Wikimedia Foundation Inc
Operating system Firefox OS
Wikipedia App (Windows)
Developer(s) Wikimedia Foundation Inc
Initial release May 31, 2012 (2012-05-31Tno)
Operating system Windows 8

The Wikimedia Foundation publishes official Wikipedia Apps for using Wikipedia on multiple mobile device operating systems. All are available for free via the appropriate app store: Android (via Google Play), BlackBerry (via BlackBerry World), iOS (via App Store), Firefox OS (via Firefox Marketplace), and Windows 8 (via Windows Store). Independent developers have also released many unofficial apps for reading Wikipedia articles. Some apps load content from the Wikipedia site and process it; other apps use the MediaWiki API.

Official applications[edit]

Wikipedia Mobile App Icon.
  • The official Android application is called "Wikipedia". It allows editing, and can provide a list of headings and distances to geotagged articles near the user's current location.
  • The official Firefox OS application is called "Wikipedia". The app provides a read-only version of Wikipedia, similar to the mobile web version. This version has basic Wikipedia Zero detection to let users know if their operator has zero-rated the data access usage for Wikipedia.
  • The official iOS application is called "Wikipedia Mobile". It provides a read-only version of Wikipedia,[2] similar to the mobile web version. It also allows users to find geotagged articles near their current location.
  • The official Windows application is called "Wikipedia". It provides a read-only version of Wikipedia, similar to the mobile web version.

Unofficial applications[edit]

These apps' primary objective is to display articles. Typical features include searching for articles, bookmarks, sharing, or enlarging images.

Related applications[edit]

A number of apps for Wikipedia's sister projects exist. These include the Wiki Loves Monuments app, written for a 2012 photo contest, is an aid for Wikiphotographers. It shows a map of nearby national heritage register items, indicating whether Wikipedia had a photo for the site, and enabling quick and easy photo uploads for camera phones. It is not integrated with the official article display app.[12]

Until mid-2014, there was also an iOS and Android app for Wikimedia Commons[13] and Wiktionary,[14] the former of which was discontinued due to a lack of available resources from the Wikimedia Foundation.[15]


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