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This is a list of named minor planets with an official designation that is sanctioned by the International Astronomical Union. In the table below, the orbital elements lists the orbital period (P) in years, the semi-major axis (a) in Astronomical Units, the ellipticity (e) and the orbital inclination (i). See the notes for a more extensive list of the elements for each body.

Name Year of
Orbital Elements Rotation Absolute
P a e i
2 Pallas 1802 4.62 y 2.772 0.231 34.838° 7.811h 4.13 [1]
This asteroid was discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers on March 28, 1802. It was named after Pallas Athena, an alternate name for the goddess Athena. Pallas is a main belt B-type asteroid with maximum dimension of 582 km and a mass of about 2.11 × 1020kg.
3 Juno 1804 4.37 y 2.672 0.256 12.968° 7.21h 5.33 [1]
Discovered September 1, 1804 by Karl Ludwig Harding, this asteroid is named after the mythological figure Juno, the highest Roman goddess. It is a main belt S-type asteroid that is about 233 km across with a mass of 2.67 × 1019 kg.


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