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Japanese politicians

I've realised that quite a few political figures do not have pages. I think it's worthwhile chasing up some red links and getting them started. Japanese Wiki can help too (I've started one on Masayoshi Takemura). Yukio Hatoyama's page is very short, considering his position, and that he might become Prime Minister very soon.VsevolodKrolikov (talk) 04:33, 17 July 2009 (UTC)

There are a large number of them listed at Wikipedia:Requested articles/Japan/Government. ···日本穣? · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 04:50, 17 July 2009 (UTC)
Thanks. Wow. I didn't know about that list. It's huge. This should be fun. (One of the main reasons I'm editing here is to learn stuff.)VsevolodKrolikov (talk) 05:02, 17 July 2009 (UTC)
Feel free to update that list, too. Any blue links need to be verified (in case they are pointing to an article not about the politician) and either removed if the politician article has been created or disambiguated if it's pointing to an article about someone else. ···日本穣? · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 05:07, 17 July 2009 (UTC)