Wild Arms: Twilight Venom

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Wild Arms: Twilight Venom
Wild Arms (anime) poster
(Wairudo Āmuzu TV)
Genre Adventure, Space Western
Anime television series
Directed by Itsuro Kawasaki
Written by

Akemi Omode
Aya Matsui
Chinatsu Houjou
Hideki Mitsui
Itsuro Kawasaki
Kenji Kamiyama

Shôtarô Suga
Yoshimi Narita
Studio Bee Train
Licensed by United States ADV Films
Network WOWOW
English network United States Anime Network
Original run 18 October 199927 March 2000
Episodes 22 (List of episodes)
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Wild Arms: Twilight Venom (ワイルドアームズ トワイライトヴェノム?) is a Japanese animated television series based on the Wild Arms series of video games. The series was animated by Bee Train, and directed by Itsuro Kawasaki and Kōichi Mashimo.

Twilight Venom aired on WOWOW from October 18, 1999, to March 27, 2000, totaling 22 episodes.


Dr. Kiel Aronnax, Mirabelle and Loretta encounter a ten-year-old boy during their escape from prison. He turns out to be the former famous gunslinger Sheyenne Rainstorm and is equipped with a famous and mysterious ARMS weapon. The series follows Sheyenne and Kiel as they search for the mystery of Sheyenne's missing body.

Main Characters[edit]

Sheyenne Rainstorm

A famous gunslinger with the ability to use the mysterious ARMS weapons. He was rumored to have been a reincarnation from the Evil Race due to his birthmark on his back and his ability to remain unharmed when using the ARMS. 3 years before the series start, he was mysteriously shot and his brain transplanted into the body of a 10-year-old. His original body was moved somewhere else, and Sheyenne spends the entire series looking for it.

As an adult, Sheyenne was a vain playboy who easily attracted the attention of women due to his handsome visage. After being reborn, he constantly laments the loss of such attention throughout the series. He travels mainly with Kiel and Issac, but frequently meets the female thieves by accident. He and Loretta often butt heads.

Voiced by: Mayumi Asano (Japanese), Ian Hawk (English)

Dr. Kiel Aronnax

A scientist who had been imprisoned and tortured at Alcatraz. He eventually escapes due to the distraction of Loretta's group infiltrating the prison, and leads them to the treasure - which turns out to be a sleeping Sheyenne. Afterwards, he goes along to help Sheyenne find his body.

Unlike the common scientist stereotype, Kiel has the build of a brawler, and the skills to beat down his opponents. While Kiel does serve as the moral compass and the occasional father figure (to the chagrin of Sheyenne, who's commonly mistaken as his son) in the group, Kiel also has his fair share of secrets, the biggest of which involves Sheyenne.

Voiced by: Junpei Morita (Japanese), James Lyon (English)

Loretta Oratorio

A thief and crest sorceress, she spends her time with Mirabelle and Jerusha stealing from the rich and treasure hunting. To her chagrin, they frequently run into Sheyenne's group and as a result, often lose the treasure. So much so that both Loretta and Mirabelle dubbed Sheyenne as the "God of Poverty" and resolved to run away the next time they see him.

Loretta is aware of her own beauty, and one of her most common ploys is to use her body to distract unwary victims before robbing them. She is not without skills, however, as shown in episode 9, "The Slave of the Game," where she becomes the top female grappler. She is a proficient crest sorceress, but is limited by her obsession with the monetary value of the crest. As a thief and treasure-hunter, Loretta is prone to doing nearly anything to get to the valuables, up to and including pretending to be a long lost heiress and joining an all-female robbery gang. However, she has shown to adhere to a moral code when it comes to obtaining crests, and is visibly outraged when someone has broken it.

Voiced by: Fumiko Osaka (Japanese), Wendee Lee (English)

Mirabelle Graceland

One of a vampire-like race, the Crimson Nobles, she and Loretta make their living stealing and treasure-hunting. She seems to have a slight crush on Sheyanne, though that might be because she (and every other Crimson Noble) finds his blood incredibly delicious. Crimson Nobles have the ability to transform into strange bat-like creatures, and Mirabelle often transforms easily between the two forms, though others have remarked on her slow flying.

Voiced by: Nariko Fujieda (Japanese), Julie Maddelena (English)


A 5000-year-old Popepi Pipepo, she assists Loretta and Mirabelle during their travels. Jerusha has been married 5 or 6 times, one of which is to Issac. The two argue whenever they meet and Jerusha often flouts Issac's tentative moves to rekindle their relationship. Despite the antagonism, however, Jerusha does harbor similar feelings towards Issac (whom she calls Isaku, to his annoyance).

Voiced by: Rikako Aikawa (Japanese), Sue Beth Arden (English)


A 5000-year-old Popepi Pipepo, he assists Sheyenne and Kiel during his travels. He first appears in a cage at a market stall, though it's later revealed that the shop is actually his and the shopkeeper his apprentice. Due to the low numbers of Popepi Pipepo, he becomes interested when Sheyenne mentions meeting a female Popei Pipepo and decides to leave with them in hopes in meeting her. To his dismay, it's his ex-wife, Jerusha. Despite actions to the contrary, Issac still has feelings for Jerusha, remarking that being married was the happiest time of his life.

Voiced by: Mitsuo Iwata (Japanese), Steven Blum (English)

Episode List[edit]

  1. Sleeping Dirty
  2. ARMS Crazy
  3. Desert Dragon Fantasy
  4. The Faluna Bible
  5. Portrait of Lana
  6. Affair of the Fargaia Express
  7. Someday My Robber Will Come
  8. Mouth Wide Shut
  9. The Slave of the Game
  10. Guilty or...
  11. No Home, No Body
  12. Lie, Laila, Lie
  13. Lullaby of the Noble-Red
  14. Interview With The Ampire
  15. Natural Born Angel
  16. Fatal Goddess
  17. Child at Heart
  18. The Days of the Bacchus
  19. Gone with the Smoke
  20. Faluna Struck
  21. Once Upon a Time in Fargaia
  22. The Last of Sheyenne

Relation to the Wild Arms series[edit]

Twilight Venom has various crossovers with the second installment of the Wild Arms series. Models of Liz and Ard are visible inside a monster museum in episode 11, "No Home, No Body". Judecca makes an appearance in episode 15 (a character with the likeness of Zed from the first Wild Arms also appears); Kanon from Wild Arms 2 in episode 17. Irving Vold Valeria (Wild Arms 2) and the Guardian Lucied (multiple games) appear in episode 16, but unlike all other cameos, appear in future episodes and have a connection to the storyline.

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