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Wild Grinders
Wild Grinders logo.png
Genre Comedy
Format Animated series
Created by Rob Dyrdek
Developed by Christian Duguay
Voices of Rob Dyrdek
Sterling "Steelo" Brim (Season 1)
Lee Harrell (Season 2)
Kel Mitchell
Cam Clarke
Yuri Lowenthal
Chelsea Chanel Dudley
Erin Fitzgerald
Theme music composer Jaco Caraco
Todd M. Schultz
Bill Schultz
Composer(s) Anna M. Rice
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (39 segments) (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Rob Dyrdek
Tracy Tubera
Bill Schultz
Steven Ching
Paul Cummins
Paul Rigg
Nicolas Atlan
Mike Young
Producer(s) Juan Cruz Baldassarre
Siobhan Ni Ghadhra
Running time 22 minutes (2 11 minute segments)
Production company(s) Home Plate Entertainment
Four Down Productions
Agogo Media
Copernicus Studios
Distributor The MoonScoop Group
Original channel Nicktoons
Original run April 27, 2012 – present

Rob Dyrdek's Wild Grinders, also known simply as Wild Grinders, is an animated television series airing on Nickelodeon's sister channel Nicktoons. The series is created by, produced by, and loosely based on the life of professional skateboarder and reality TV star Rob Dyrdek, with distribution by Moonscoop. It made its second broadcast on U.S. television on April 27, 2012.[1] Various animated shorts featuring the Wild Grinders characters had previously been seen and continues to be seen on Kabillion, a video on demand channel and streaming video website partially owned by Moonscoop.

On August 1, 2013, Rob Dyrdek confirmed a second season with 26 episodes which premiered on Nicktoons on December 23, 2013.[2]

Rob Dyrdek partnered with Teletoon to create a Halloween special, which aired on October 24, 2013, on Teletoon.


The skateboard themed series features the crazy hijinks and shenanigans of an energetic and thrill seeking skate-boarding pre-teen Lil' Rob (based on the series's creator) and his best friends: Meaty, a bulldog with a hip edge (based on Meaty, a dog that the real Rob Dyrdek owns); Goggles, Rob's nerdy but loyal and kind-hearted best friend; and a host of other zany kids from the neighborhood, as well as Lil' Rob’s majestic parents and older teenage sister.[3]


Main Characters[edit]

  • Lil Rob (voiced by Rob Dyrdek) - Lil Rob is the titular character and the leader of the Wild Grinders. He is an upbeat pre-adolescent with an adventurous personality, and infinitely never surrenders from his rival, Stubford Hucksterball.
  • Meaty (voiced by Sterling "Steelo" Brim (season 1), Lee Harrell (season 2)) - Lil Rob's anthropomorphic British bulldog. He favors eating burritos, bacon, and especially the extinct Stinkies products.
  • Goggles (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - Lil Rob's nerdy and loyal friend. He is the cameraman of the group and the major inventor, but he can be forgetful of anything that the Grinders want significant.
  • Emo Crys (voiced by Cam Clarke) - The poetic and sensitive of the Wild Grinders. Emo Crys is frequently a skate artist. He sometimes goes "girl-crazy".
  • Jay Jay (voiced by Kel Mitchell) - An intelligent hipster. He was portrayed to have mysophobia.
  • Jack Knife (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - A dull kid with a big heart. He and his family runs a circus in Sprawl City.
  • Spitball (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - The silent type and dubbed as Street Ninja.
  • Stubford Hucksterball (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald) - The main antagonist of the entire series. He is a child with a short height, but summons his mechanical stalls to make him taller than the Grinders. He frequently aliases Lil Rob as "Lil Slob".
  • Flipz (voiced by Chanel West Coast) - The only female skater in the Wild Grinders. She would always challenge Lil Rob to S.K.A.T.E.

Recurring characters[edit]

  • Denise (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald) – Lil' Rob's older sister who most of the time annoys Lil' Rob and the Grinders. She often calls the Wild Grinders (as well as other skaters) "weenies". She has a crush on a boy name Freddie, although he too is a skater.
  • Lackey (Yuri Lowenthal) or Officer Lackowski, as he prefers, is Stubford's rent-a-cop sidekick hired by Track to keep Stubford out of his hair. Lackey is very dimwitted
  • Gene (voiced by Rob Dyrdek) – Lil' Rob's father. Lil' Rob always calls Gene by his first name instead of calling him "Dad".
  • Patty (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald) – Lil' Rob's mother. She does not like the shows she sees (she is repeatedly seen watching a show, then saying "Aww, I hate this show."). She is also secretly a secret agent called Agent Capricorn.
  • Track Hucksterball (voiced by Cam Clarke) – Stubford's wealthy father who is always trying to exploit or make the Wild Grinders famous.
  • Chip Fligginton (voiced by Kel Mitchell) – A famous web personality who's always there when a star is to be born and often helps take of advantage the situation.
  • Queen of Moronico (voiced by Kel Mitchell) – She is the queen of the fictional country of Moronico and is very protective of her son and believes in status quos.
  • Prince of Moronico (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) – The prince of Moronico who looks exactly like Jack Knife. The only differences between him and Jack Knife are his accent, he has a gold tooth while Jack Knife has a gap and the fact that he does not know how to skate.
  • Jankins (voiced by Cam Clarke) – The royal butler to the royal family and follows orders from Queen unquestioned and often does things for people instead of allowing to do it like practice skating in the prince's place.
  • Freddie (voiced by Cam Clarke) – The desire of Denise's affection and also runs the Taco truck. He is also a skater, like Lil' Rob.
  • Captain Grindstar (voiced by Tracy Tubera) - Goggles' superhero idol.
  • Agents 1 and Agent 2- Two black ops agents who work for Area 52 they often conspire take over or destroy the world.
  • Mr. Sprinkles (unknown) is Flips' pet wiener dog and Meaty's rival in pawjitsu. He usually causes trouble when the Grinders least expect it.
  • Squeak (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) is a character who debuted in "Emo's Mystery Girl" where he seems to have met the Grinders prior to that episode. According to Jay Jay, Squeak is a poser and a huge liar.


Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 April 27, 2012 (2012-04-27) October 18, 2013 (2013-10-18)
2 26 December 23, 2013 (2013-12-23) TBA (TBA)

Season 1 (2012-13)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
1a 1a "Deconstructed" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason April 27, 2012 101b
Lil' Rob and the rest of the Wild Grinders attempt to find a way to save their favorite skate spot from being destroyed when they learn that Stubford's dad intends to use the land to build a theme park.
1b 1b "Close-Up" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason April 27, 2012 102a
A hotshot higher-up at a local television network attempts to make Lil' Rob a reality star by casting him and the rest of the Wild Grinders in a variety of terrible reality shows.
2a 2a "Going Hollyweird" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason May 4, 2012 101a
Lil' Rob is cast in a big budget skateboard movie.
2b 2b "Shark Attack" Ron Doucet Alex Nussbaum, Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason May 4, 2012 102b
Lil' Rob heads underwater to skate with a giant shark and recover Pirate Brody's treasure.
3a 3a "Never Skate With Unicorns" Ron Doucet Christian Duguay May 11, 2012 103a
Lil' Rob accidentally breaks his sister's prized glass unicorn.
3b 3b "Biggest Sell-Out" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason May 11, 2012 103b
The Wild Grinders try to make sure that Emo Crys' art does not become commercial.
4a 4a "The Prince and the Skateboarder" Ron Doucet Mike Foulke May 18, 2012 104a
Jack Knife trades places with his regal look-alike during a competition.
4b 4b "Board Story" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason May 18, 2012 104b
The Wild Grinders' boards escape and make a new life with Stubford.
5a 5a "Out of Tune" Ron Doucet Martin Olson May 25, 2012 105a
Lil' Rob and Denise seek out to embarrass one another.
5b 5b "Picnic of Doom" Ron Doucet Adam Peltzman May 25, 2012 105b
Lil' Rob and his father compete against Stubford and Track Hucksterball in the company picnic games.
6a 6a "Neptune's Chowder" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason June 8, 2012 106a
Lil' Rob and the Wild Grinders try to surf a giant wave nicknamed "Neptune's Chowder".
6b 6b "Squatch Grinders" Ron Doucet Christian Duguay June 8, 2012 106b
When Lil' Rob and Meaty capture Bigfoot, they try to make him a Wild Grinder.
7a 7a "The Amaaaazing Adventures of Captain Grindstar" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason June 15, 2012 107a
Lil' Rob, Goggles and Meaty go on a rescue mission at a comic convention after Stubford captures Goggles' favorite comic book movie star.
7b 7b "Lil' Red Riding Rob" Ron Doucet John Derevlany June 15, 2012 107b
While babysitting a little boy for Denise, Lil' Rob attempts to get the child to sleep by creating an elaborate story.
8a 8a "Space Race" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason June 15, 2012 108a

Lil' Rob, Meaty, and Jay Jay take a space shuttle to the Moon, where they encounter a bizarre creature living on the satellite.

Note: The mole that appears in this episode resembles the redesigned Zizrar on Johnny Test.
8b 8b "Road Tripped" Ron Doucet Ann Austen June 15, 2012 108b
Lil' Rob is not allowed to skateboard and Denise is not allowed to use her phone while they and their family take a trip across the country to see the sights.
9a 9a "Grindermania" Ron Doucet Adam Peltzman June 22, 2012 109a
The Wild Grinders make a music video and begin to gain fame as a rock band.
9b 9b "Crushin'" Ron Doucet Ursula Ziegler June 22, 2012 109b
Denise tries to learn how to skate so she can get Freddie's attention with the help of Lil' Rob.
10a 10a "Jurassic Skate Park" Ron Doucet Dean Stefan June 22, 2012 110a
Lil' Rob, Meaty, and Goggles encounter volcanoes, dinosaurs, and cavemen when they accidentally go back in time.
10b 10b "The Chosen Bulldog" Ron Doucet Christian Duguay June 22, 2012 110b
Meaty must come to the rescue after a dog goes on a crime spree and steals Lil' Rob's skateboard.
11 11 "Gnarly Craft (Parts 1 & 2)" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason June 29, 2012 111
The Wild Grinders must come to the rescue when Lil' Rob gets trapped in an online game.
12a 12a "My Lil' Unicorn" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason June 29, 2012 112a
Denise's pet unicorn frames Meaty and gets him banished to the backyard.
12b 12b "Breakfast of Skaters" Ron Doucet Adam Peltzman June 29, 2012 112b
Lil' Rob wants to enter a video contest to become the face of SkateyOh's Cereal.
13a 13a "The Skater Who Cried Wolf" Ron Doucet Russell Marcus July 6, 2012 113a
Lil' Rob begins to have suspicions that Meaty's new friend might be a werewolf.
13b 13b "Good Dog, Bad Dog Academy" Ron Doucet Christian Duguay July 6, 2012 113b
Lil' Rob and Meaty attend obedience school together, but problems arise when a strict drill sergeant begins to make them miserable.
14a 14a "Meaty in Black" Ron Doucet Scott Gray September 7, 2012 114a
Special agents from Area 50 and 1/2 kidnap Meaty to use his drool in an evil plot to rule the world.
14b 14b "Grinders of Invention" Ron Doucet Scott Gray September 7, 2012 114b
When Goggles wins his own laboratory, he tries to impress his parents with wild inventions.
15a 15a "Lil' Rob Roundup" Ron Doucet John Derevlany September 14, 2012 115a
Goggles clones Lil' Rob so he can skate in two competitions and do all his chores.
15b 15b "Wild Step Brothers" Ron Doucet Adam Peltzman September 14, 2012 115b
Lil' Rob's dad brings home Stubford for a week.
16a 16a "Swaggerless" Ron Doucet Scott Gray September 21, 2012 116a
Lil' Rob tries to hypnotize Goggles, but things backfire and now the Grinders need to find a way to reverse the hypnotism.
16b 16b "Goggles Shrunk the Grinders" Ron Doucet Kent Redeker September 21, 2012 116b
Goggles creates a decreasinator to shrink skateboards to pocket-size, but the ray backfires and shrinks the Grinders.
17a 17a "Preston Change-O" Ron Doucet John Derevlany September 28, 2012 117a
Lil' Rob learns a magic trick from Preston, the class magician, and accidentally switches bodies with Meaty.
17b 17b "Biggest Fan" Ron Doucet Thomas Krajewski September 28, 2012 117b
Lil' Rob’s new biggest fan quickly gets out of control when he starts to act and dress like Lil' Rob and as "Lil' Bob" starts to take over Lil' Rob's life.
18a 18a "Substitute Secret Agent" Ron Doucet Christian Duguay October 5, 2012 118a
When Lil' Rob mistakenly receives a secret spy package, he gears up with Goggles and Meaty to save a royal family.
18b 18b "Wild Scouts" Ron Doucet Scott Gray October 5, 2012 118b
When the Grinders join the Sapling Scouts and get lost, it's up to Jay Jay to lead them on to The Ramplands.
19a 19a "Wild Zombies" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason October 26, 2012 119a
The Wild Grinders have a huge problem on Halloween when they carve a cursed pumpkin and find themselves transformed into horrible zombies.
19b 19b "Scream a Little Scream" Ron Doucet Scott Gray October 26, 2012 119b
The Wild Grinders attempt to capture a ghost on film in a haunted house, but they are steadily picked off.
20a 20a "Search for Master Sensei" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason November 2, 2012 120a
Spitball's street ninja teacher is kidnapped.
20b 20b "Meaty's Royal Adventure" Ron Doucet Meghan McCarthy November 2, 2012 120b
Meaty is named heir to the Royal Doghouse of Moronico.
21a 21a "Hoopz Dreamz" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason November 9, 2012 121a
The Wild Grinders take the place of Flipz and her teammates in a basketball game.
21b 21b "Who's the Dummy, Dummy?" Ron Doucet Ursula Ziegler November 9, 2012 121b
Goggles gives up the Wild Grinders for a ventriloquist act.
22a 22a "A World Gone Rad Awesome" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason November 16, 2012 122a
Lil' Rob travels to an alternate dimension.
22b 22b "Operation Supernova" Ron Doucet Andy Guerdat & Steve Sullivan November 16, 2012 122b
Lil' Rob, Meaty, and Goggles help Agent Capricorn deal with two evil agents.
23a 23a "Skaters of Ollie" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason November 20, 2012 123a
A tornado transports Lil' Rob and Meaty to the land of Ollie.
23b 23b "Grindstar Returns" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason November 20, 2012 123b
Captain Grindstar asks Lil' Rob, Meaty, and Goggles to watch his pet goldfish. However, things go spoiled when Stubford steals him.
24a 24a "Grinder Claus" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason December 3, 2012 124a
Even Santa Claus has a Christmas wish: he wants to skateboard with Lil' Rob! But when Santa falls and can't fly the sled, can the gang deliver all his presents?
24b 24b "Merry Grindernukamas" Ron Doucet Meghan McCarthy December 3, 2012 124b
Lil' Rob thinks holiday cheer has gone missing, so he and the gang create a new holiday: Grindernukamas! However, making a new holiday isn't as easy as it looks.
25a 25a "Take Me To Your Stubford" Ron Doucet Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason February 15, 2013 125a
Lil' Rob and Stubford are abducted by aliens.
25b 25b "Emo's Mystery Girl" Ron Doucet Ann Austen February 15, 2013 125b
Emo Crys is nervous about meeting a girl that he has only talked to online.
26 26 "Texas Skateboard Horrorland Zombie Activity 3" Rod Amador Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason October 18, 2013 201
Lil' Rob and the Wild Grinders accept the Skatey Oh's Cereal challenge to stay the night in a haunted house.

Season 2 (2013-14)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
27a 1a "Board Senseless" Ron Doucet Story by: Scott Gray
Teleplay by: Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason
December 23, 2013 126a
To win the RadStar X5 skateboard back from Denise, the Grinders must give up skating for a week.
27b 1b "Big Top Rob" Ron Doucet Andy Guerdat & Steve Sullivan December 23, 2013 126b
Lil' Rob and the Wild Grinders must save the show when Jack Knife’s family circus comes to town.
28a 2a "Grindbox 1080: Start (Part 1)" Rod Amador Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason February 5, 2014 202a
Lil' Rob goes inside a video game to save Stubford.
28b 2b "Grindbox 1080: Game Over (Part 2)" Rod Amador Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason February 5, 2014 202b
Lil' Rob and Stubford must power through levels to escape the video game world.
29a 3a "The Secret Life of Spitball" Rod Amador Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason February 12, 2014 203a
When the gang realizes Spitball’s life outside the Grinders is a complete mystery, they decide to follow him for the day. Lil' Rob and Meaty discover that he’s up to some pretty rad adventures!
29b 3b "Backstage Grinders: The Reunion Tour" Rod Amador Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason February 12, 2014 203b
When a new teen idol threatens the popularity of the Backside Grinders, Lil' Rob has no choice but to get the dudes back together to defend their musical honor! It's an epic battle of the boy band idols!
30a 4a "Survivored" Rod Amador Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason February 19, 2014 204a
When the Wild Grinders get stranded on a deserted island, Lil' Rob does his best to turn it into a boarder’s paradise – until Stubford washes up.
30b 4b "Fast Times at Sprawl City Middle School" Rod Amador Doug Molitor February 19, 2014 204b
Lil' Rob is always late … until he hops on Goggles' new Hyper Turbo board! But when he kicks it up to 11, will Lil' Rob get stuck at hyper speed forever?
31a 5a "The League of Xtraordinary Sk8ers" Rod Amador Steve Sullivan February 26, 2014 205a
Todd Topdeck invites Lil' Rob into The League of Xtraordinary Sk8ers, but Lil' Rob will have to take his skate stunts to a whole new level to stay in the league.
31b 5b "Wild Grinders, Assemble!" Rod Amador Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason February 26, 2014 205b
A group of aliens attack the earth after they think Goggle's heat wave blast shooter was a war starting signal.
32a 6a "Pen Pal From Another Planet" Rod Amador Rob Tinkler March 5, 2014 206a
Lil' Rob is suspicious of Jack Knife's new pen pal friend.
32b 6b "Roman Grinders" Rod Amador Doug Molitor March 5, 2014 206b
The Grinders get sent into the past to Rome and must get back Goggles' skate time machine to get back to the present.
33a 7a "The Luck of the Grindish" Rod Amador Ursula Ziegler March 12, 2014 207a
A leprechaun tricks the Grinders and Meaty.
33b 7b "Bend it Like a Grinder" Rod Amador David Shayne March 12, 2014 207b
Goggle creates bendable skateboards, but that boards come alive and rebel against the Grinders.
34a 8a "Treasure of the Sierra Sprawl" Rod Amador Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason March 19, 2014 208a
The Grinders embark on a treasure hunt.
34b 8b "Special Delivery" Rod Amador Rob Tinkler March 19, 2014 208b
The Grinders compete with the Fixees to become Papa Calzoni's new pizza delivery crew.
35a 9a "The Tell Tale Board" Rod Amador Derek Dressler March 26, 2014 209a
When Meaty accidentally destroys Lil' Rob's new skateboard, he then lies about it.
35b 9b "It's Not My Asphalt" Rod Amador Patrick Andrew O'Connor March 26, 2014 209b
Goggles creates "Smart Asphalt" for smooth skating.
36a 10a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Grinder" Rod Amador Derek Dressler April 2, 2014 210a
There's a new exchange student in staying with Emo Crys, Skidoosh, who seems very reserved. If only Skidoosh could be more like the other new kid, Flingo Jalapeno, who's a total gonzo daredevil skater. But Lil Rob and the Wild Grinders are shocked to discover that Skidoosh and Flingo are actually the same kid.
36b 10b "Skate or Sick" Rod Amador Eric Rivera April 2, 2014 210b
Lil Rob makes up a barely believable mystery disease to get out of going to Tool Con with Gene, but the soon the whole town is infected and quarantined.
37a 11a "The Big Sleep...Over" Rod Amador Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason April 9, 2014 211b
Lil Rob and Meaty are faced with horrible news when they find out that Patty arranged for a play date with Stubford. But Lil Rob and Meaty agree to go because they want to get a photo of Stubford's mysterious mom, whom urban legends says no one has ever seen.
37b 11b "Lil Rob'n Hood" Rod Amador Doug Molitor April 9, 2014 211b
A discussion of the Wild Grinders' famous relatives reveals that Lil Rob is related to the legendary Lil Rob'n Hood, who stole burritos from the king and gave them to his hungry friends. At least that's how Lil Rob tells the story that he stars in.
38a 12a "School Daze" Rod Amador Dan Danko & Tom K. Mason April 16, 2014 212a
Lil' Rob convinces Gene and Patty that he should be home schooled.
38b 12b "Grindergeddon" Rod Amador Richard Clark April 16, 2014 212b
The Wild Grinders take a space shuttle to an asteroid so they can skate in a low gravity environment.
39a 13a "Wild Grinder with Two Heads" Rod Amador Derek Dressler April 23, 2014 213a
Emo Crys and Jay Jay are combined in one body and two heads, after they have fighting each other for Goggles' ray gun.
39b 13b "The Legend of Jilly" Rod Amador Derek Dressler April 23, 2014 213b
A creature was terrorizing Sprawl City, and Denise thought that creature was her baby alligator, Jilly. the Grinders must venture out to the sewers to find her missing alligator.

Mobile Game[edit]

In June 2014 it was announced that a Wild Grinders mobile game is being developed for iPhone, iPad and Android by Bubble Gum Interactive. The game is slated to launch in September 2014 [4]


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