Wild Horse Hank

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Wild Horse Hank
Wild Horse Hank.jpeg
Directed by Eric Till
Produced by William Marshall
Henk Van der Kolk
Written by Mel Ellis
James Lee Barret
Starring Linda Blair
Michael Wincott
Richard Crenna
Music by Brenda Hoffert
Paul Hoffert
Cinematography Richard Leiterman
Edited by George Appleby
Distributed by NBC
Release dates 1978
Running time 96. min
Country Canada
Language English
Budget $CAD2,800,000 (estimated)

Wild Horse Hank is a movie filmed in 1978 directed by Eric Till starring Linda Blair, Michael Wincott and Richard Crenna. The movie is based on the teen novel The Wild Horse Killers, written by Mel Ellis in 1978.


Wild Horse Hank is the adventure of a brave young girl named Hank (Linda Blair) who is a dedicated cowgirl to saving a herd of wild mustangs from poachers. Hank is an independent girl in the film who has been around horses all her life. One day while out riding she happens upon some horse hunters who are rounding up a herd of mustangs to sell for pet food.[1]

Hank follows the hunters into town and releases the caged horses. If Hank is to save these wild animals, they must reach the protection of federal land. But the nearest such area lies across a desert, through a river and over a mountain range some 150 miles away.[2]

Pace, Hanks father (Richard Crenna), objects to her plan but finally agrees to let her go. Hank begins her adventure, herding the horses toward the Rantan Game Preserve, but the epic drive soon becomes a contest of wills with the poachers trying to outwit Hank whenever possible. In the film, Hanks love interest Charlie Connors (Michael Wincott) assists with her adventure and is eager to earn her respect and get to know her.

The film was filmed on location at Dinosaur Provincial Park and Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada.[3] and was broadcast in 1983 as a Television Premier. It is also known under the alternatives titles as; Hard Ride Hank, Hard Ride to Rantan, Long Shot in USA.

Wild Horse Hank was released on DVD on September 16, 2008 for the 1st time.[4]



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