Wild Huntsman (comics)

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Wild Huntsman
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Super Friends #45,
(June 1981)
Created by E. Nelson Bridwell (writer)
Romeo Tanghal (artist)
In-story information
Full name Albrecht von Mannheim
Team affiliations Global Guardians
Abilities Superhuman strength

The Wild Huntsman is a fictional superhero published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Super Friends #45 (June 1981), and was created by E. Nelson Bridwell and Romeo Tanghal.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Albrecht von Mannheim is a re-incarnation of a German warrior,[1] who is allied by a horse (Orkan) and a hound (Donnerschlag). His first known mission was helping the Wonder Twins find a villain. As a member of the Global Guardians, he was later brainwashed by the Queen Bee of Bialya.[2] He and his allies Rising Sun and Tuatara each attack a separate New Nazi stronghold. The Huntsman and his animals personally destroy a facility belonging to the Aryan Nation. He confronts the Justice League members Animal Man and Captain Atom. Upon defeat, he and his animals fell into a coma.

He and his animals are taken care of at a medical facility inside the prison of Belle Reve in the United States. At a signal from the Queen Bee, he and his animals awaken, bust open a wall and escape. He returns to Biayla and is duly brainwashed into the Queen Bee's goals. When questioned why she did not keep the Hunstmen and the others in Bialya, the Queen Bee indicates she would rather other countries pay for the care of the heroes.

A few years later, he disappears in battle with Fain Y'onia.[3]

A Wild Huntsman and his animals appears fighting with Ragman and Enchantress, defeating them and transforming them into hounds.[4] Later, Rex the Wonder Dog transforms into hound to infiltrate[5] and help Blue Devil defeat the Homo Magi army.[6]

A Wild Huntsman appears in Red Robin #3. He works to protect a German museum from outside forces, namely Red Robin and the villain Ra's Al Ghul.[7]


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