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Wild Russia is a six-episode series of documentaries about the wilderness in Russia (original title in German: Wildes Russland) made by the German NDR Naturfilm/Studio Hamburg Doclights (executive producer: Jörn Röver) for NDR/WDR/S4C/Animal Planet and National Geographic in 2009.[1] The German version of NDR Blu-ray (also DVD) was narrated by Christian Brückner, and its English version was narrated by Clifford Wells. The National Geographic version was narrated by Paterson Joseph. It was re-edited and aired by Animal Planet in the United States,[2] narrated by Jason Hildebrandt.[3]

The cinematography of Wild Russia is breathtakingly beautiful and grandiose, and is similar in scope and quality to the best nature documentaries the BBC has to offer. The original version (which has both a German and an English soundtrack) and the National Geographic version are so different in content and layout that each can be viewed as a unique, separate show.


The series (series producer: Henry M. Mix) consisted of 6 episodes.[4] The National Geographic version was aired in the following order:

  • Siberia, director Tobias Mennle
  • Kamchatka, director Christian Baumeister
  • Arctic, director Uwe Anders
  • Caucasus titled The Great Divide, director Tom Synnatzschke
  • Primorye titled The Secret Forest, director Henry M. Mix
  • Urals titled Primeval Valleys, director Oliver Goetzl

The Animal Planet version was aired in the following order:

The German NDR version was aired and arranged on DVD and Blu-ray discs in the following order: