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The Wilderness Territory is a chain of two resorts located in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin and Sevierville, Tennessee. The Wilderness's resorts are called "Territories".

Wisconsin Dells Territory[edit]


In 1995, the Wilderness Hotel and Golf Resort opened for business along U.S. Highway 12 (Wisconsin Dells Parkway)and introduced the indoor waterpark concept to the marketplace with a 35,000-square-foot (3,300 m2) water park named Fort Wilderness. In 1999, the hotel added its second indoor waterpark Klondike Kavern and an additional 60 guest rooms.

In 2002, the resort unveiled the Wild West region of the hotel which features an 162 additional guest rooms, Dodge ‘Em City, a 30,000-square-foot (2,800 m2) indoor play park featuring Timberland Playhouse, and Lake Wilderness outdoor waterpark. In 2003, the Wild West Waterpark opens for business.

Also, in 2003 Wilderness on the Lake a 108 condo upscale condominium resort opened. It is home to Cubby's Cove, a 35,000-square-foot (3,300 m2) indoor/outdoor waterpark complete with an Infinity pool overlooking Lake Delton.

In the summer of 2005, to mark the resort's 10th anniversary,the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort opened two thrill rides the Hurricane and Black Hole waterslides.

In April 2006, the Wilderness opens its largest indoor waterpark yet - the Wild WaterDome. This 70,000-square-foot (6,500 m2) waterpark park is home to the country's largest indoor wave pool[citation needed], the Dueling Mammoths family raft ride and a Toddler Play 'N Spray area. The waterpark also features a FoilTec roof that allows UV rays to permeate through it and people to tan indoors. At this time, the resort also closed its first indoor waterpark, Fort Wilderness.

In July 2006, Glacier Canyon Lodge, the Wilderness's third property opens along with a 3.2 outdoor waterpark called the Lost World.

In 2008, the Wilderness unveiled Wild Rock Golf Club, a championship 18 hole course containing the infamous hole 17 or "Boneyard North" and renovated the Klondike Kavern waterpark.

In 2009, the Wilderness unveiled 3 indoor 3-D blacklight mini golf courses, an outdoor mini golf course, go-karts and a zip line adventure. The resort also opened Tombstone Town Haunted Hotel and Mineshaft Mirror Maze in area that was once occupied by the resort's first indoor waterpark.

In 2010, the Wilderness renovated all of the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort guest rooms.

In 2012, the Wilderness opened The Northern Lights Sky Ropes Course in the Wild West region of the Hotel. The resort also added the Lunar Loop and Cosmic Drop extreme thrill rides in the Lost World Outdoor Waterpark.

Today, the Wilderness Territory occupies over 600 acres (2.4 km2) of land and provides guests with 1,163 lodging options among its three main properties (Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort, Wilderness on the Lake and Glacier Canyon Lodge) in addition to its freestanding Vacation Villas, Cabins and New Frontier Condominiums. The Territory also is home to 4 indoor and 4 outdoor waterparks totaling nearly 500,000 square feet (46,000 m2).

Wilderness Hotel and Golf Resort[edit]

This is the original resort that features three indoor waterparks, two outdoor waterparks, and most of the amenities at the Wilderness Territory in WIsconsin Dells. The resort also features Wild Rock Golf Club, and the Wilderness Woods Par 3 Family Course. A skywalk is connected to the Glacier Canyon Lodge, and boats take guests to the Wilderness on the Lake Resort.[citation needed]

Indoor waterparks[edit]

Klondike Kavern

  • 65,000 square feet (6,000 m2)
  • Klondike Themed
  • Klondike Krash, two 500 ft (150 m). tube slides
  • Mine Shaft Drop, two high speed body slides
  • "Bonanza Brook," a 500 ft (150 m) Lazy River
  • "Bonanza Bluff," an interactive water play structure
  • "The Hurricane," a 2-4 rider, multi-sensory ProSlide Tornado
  • "Sulfur Springs," Indoor/Outdoor Spas & Pools
  • "Kodiak Kanteen" Snack Bar

Wild West

  • 70,000 square feet (6,500 m2)
  • Western Themed
  • "Wilderness Express" Tube Slide
  • "Fantastic Voyage" Family Raft Ride
  • "The Black Hole," a single-rider, multi-sensory ProSlide Cannonbowl
  • "Wild West Body Slides", four high speed body slides
  • "Ransack Ridge," an interactive water play structure
  • "Wild West Bumper Boats"
  • "High Plains Hot Springs", an indoor/outdoor spa
  • "Grizzly's Grill" Snack Bar
  • "The Thirsty Buffalo" Saloon Restaurant

Wild WaterDome

  • 70,000 square feet (6,500 m2)
  • Beach Themed
  • Innovative see-through roof allows you to tan indoors and plant to grow inside
  • "The Great Wave" wave pool
  • Mini-Mammoths Cove, a zero-depth toddler activity area
  • "The Dueling Mammoths" racing family raft rides
  • "Survivor's Bar & Grill"
  • "Wooly's Eatery" Snack Bar
  • Private Cabanas
  • Margarita's Swim-Up Bar (opened in Summer 2014) [1]

Outdoor waterparks[edit]

Lake Wilderness

  • 40,000 square feet (3,700 m2)
  • "Rafter's Rage Tube Slide", a 300-foot (91 m) tube slide
  • "Rafter's Rage Body Slide", a 220-foot (67 m) body slide
  • "Lil' Chutes Banana Slides", two side-by-side body slides for little ones
  • A children's wading pool with hands on water features
  • "Island Pool", a 13,000 square feet (1,200 m2) lazy lake complete with sideline play activities and built-in lounging ridge
  • A lap pool and water basketball
  • Lily pad obstacle walk
  • Volleyball pool
  • Hot spas
  • Mackinac Tap & Snack Shack
  • Midway Macs Outdoor Grill
  • 9 private poolside cabanas available for rent

New Frontier

  • 110,000 square feet (10,000 m2)
  • "Gold Rush Tube Slide", a thrilling 400 ft (120 m) enclosed tube slide
  • "Gold Rush Body Slide", a mostly-open body slide
  • "Timber Falls Tube Slide", a tube slide that launches off a 30-foot tower
  • Prospector's Creek, a 600-foot (180 m) lazy river
  • "Toddler's Cove", a zero-depth play area
  • "Banana Slides", short body slides for the little ones.
  • "New Frontier Springs", a large hot spa
  • "Bear Foot Island Sprayground", an oasis area for children under 48" and their parents
  • Raccoon Saloon

Wilderness on the Lake[edit]

Wilderness on the Lake is an upscale 108 condominium resort. The property also features a 35,000 indoor/outdoor waterpark, called "Cubby's Cove," which features a pool overlooking Lake Delton.

Glacier Canyon Lodge[edit]

The newest resort of the three Wilderness properties located on the Wilderness Territory, this facility is also an upscale condominium resort with 460 units. It features an outdoor waterpark (Lost World)which features an interactive river, three hot tubs, activity pools and Halley's Comet Racers. This area also includes a 55,661-square-foot (5,171.1 m2) Conference Center, a mega arcade, and nature trails.

Outdoor waterpark[edit]

Lost World

  • Largest outdoor waterpark, spanning 3.2 acres
  • Dinosaur themed
  • "Lost World Adventure River", an interactive lazy river
  • "Halley's Comet Racers," a four lane mat racing slide
  • "Fossil Falls", a play 'n spray structure with a 750-gallon tipping bucket
  • "Crocodile Cove", an island pool perfect for lounging
  • "Dino Mania", an area with water basketball, lily pad water walk activity, and two sport slides.
  • 15 private poolside cabanas available for rent
  • "Lunar Loop" and "The Cosmic Drop", two 5-story body slides with launch capsules
  • Three outdoor hot spas
  • The Big Dig Restaurant
  • Dinosaur Crossing Restaurant
  • T-Rex Retreat
  • Jurassic Joe's

Sevierville Territory[edit]

Wilderness at the Smokies[edit]

Wilderness at the Smokies is the newest Wilderness Territory property, located in Sevierville, Tennessee. Opened in 2008, it is a part of the new Bridgemont development, which will be home to shopping, dining, and conferences. Phase I includes the hotel and the outdoor waterpark, and Phase II includes the condominium resort and the indoor waterpark, opening in December 2008.Phase III includes the Lake Wilderness outdoor waterpark, opening May, 2009. Opening November 20, 2009 "Runaway Canyon" Proslide Dark Mammoth, family raft ride includes water curtains, lighting effects, and sound effects.Catalooche Creek Adventure Golf opening at Lake Wilderness outdoor waterpark in May 2010.Wilderness Rafting was also added in May 2010.

Indoor waterpark[edit]

Wild WaterDome

  • 80,000 square feet (7,400 m2).
  • Innovative Tan-through roof.
  • "Storm Chaser"(ProSlide Tornado with lighting and sound effects).
  • "Smokies Surf Rider" (Flowrider).
  • "Washout Mountain" interactive multi-level water play structure with 500 gallon tipping bucket,50+ hands on play and spray features including spray cannons, small tipping buckets, etc., and two slides.
  • "Snapping Turtle Activity Pool" indoor/outdoor activity pool with basketball hoops and gigantic floating snake.[clarification needed]
  • "Magnollia Grove" indoor/outdoor hot tub.
  • "Trail Twisters Tube Slides" (two enclosed Proslide tube slides)
  • "Runaway canyon" (Proslide dark Mammoth style enclosed family raft ride with water curtains, more than 450 ft long (140 m), five stories high, featuring a total drop of almost 60 ft (18 m), uses 800 gal of water per minute, gargantuan tunnels,and explosive turns.
  • "Flying Squirrel Play Area" Toddler area with zero-depth entry, two small side by side slides, swing and bounce tree, teeter-totter, tree house that dumps water with a spray feature.
  • "Grizly's Grill" Snack Bar.
  • "Dippin Dots" Stand.

Outdoor waterparks[edit]

Salamander Springs

  • 65,000 square feet (6,000 m2).
  • "The Timber Rattler," a 207 ft (63 m) tube slide.
  • "The River Otter," a 180 ft (55 m) body slide.
  • "Lunker's Landing," an interactive water play structure with 2 slides, tipping bucket, and play and spray features.
  • "Catfish Corral" activity pool with three basketball hoops.
  • "Minnow Marsh," a kiddie zero-depth entry pool.
  • "Wildflower Lagoon" hot tub.
  • "Cyote Cove" snack bar.
  • Back Country arcade and game room.

Lake Wilderness

  • 5 acres (20,000 m2) in size.
  • "Washout Wilderness Rapids" wave pool.
  • "Catalooche Creek Adventure River" (752 ft lazy river).
  • "Smoky Mountain Crossing Cabanas" (private poolside cabanas).
  • "Catalooche Creek Adventure Golf".
  • Expansion planned for the near future.

Wilderness Rafting[edit]

  • In May 2010 Wilderness Rafting was added.


River Lodge A condominium resort with multi-room suites, the hotel is connected to the Lake Wilderness outdoor waterpark and Wildwater Dome indoor water park.This was included in phase II of Wilderness at the Smokies.

Stone Hill Lodge The first hotel (part of phase I of Wilderness at the Smokies), it is connected to the Salamander Springs outdoor waterpark and the Servilville events center. The Stone Hill Lodge has meeting spaces and four-person standard rooms.[citation needed]


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