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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of the Wilderness (May 5–7, 1864) of the American Civil War. The Confederate order of battle is listed separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization May 5, 1864,[1] the casualty returns[2] and the reports.[3]

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Forces operating against Richmond[edit]

LTG Ulysses S. Grant, General-in-Chief, Union Armies


IX Corps[edit]

MG Ambrose Burnside[4]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Thomas G. Stevenson

1st Brigade

   Col Sumner Carruth[5]
   Col Jacob P. Gould

2nd Brigade

   Col Daniel Leasure


Second Division
     BG Robert B. Potter

1st Brigade

   Col Zenas Bliss[5]
   Col John I. Curtin

2nd Brigade

   Col Simon G. Griffin

  • Massachusetts Light, 11th Battery: Cpt Edward J. Jones
  • New York Light, 19th Battery: Cpt Edward W. Rogers

Third Division
     BG Orlando B. Willcox

1st Brigade

   Col John F. Hartranft

2nd Brigade

   Col Benjamin C. Christ


Fourth Division[11]
     BG Edward Ferrero

1st Brigade

   Col Joshua K. Sigfried

  • 27th United States Colored Troops: Ltc Charles J. Wright
  • 30th United States Colored Troops: Col Delayan Bates
  • 39th United States Colored Troops: Col Ozora P. Stearns
  • 43rd United States Colored Troops: Ltc H. Seymour Hall
2nd Brigade

   Col Henry G. Thomas

  • 30th Connecticut Colored (detachment): Cpt Charles Robinson
  • 19th United States Colored Troops: Ltc Joseph G. Perkins
  • 23rd United States Colored Troops: Ltc Cleaveland J. Campbell
  • Pennsylvania Light, Battery D: Cpt George W. Durell
  • Vermont Light, 3rd Battery: Cpt Romeo H. Start

Reporting directly

Provost Guard
  • 3rd New Jersey: Col Andrew J. Morrison
  • 22nd New York: Col Samuel J. Crooks
  • 2nd Ohio: Ltc George A. Purington
  • 13th Pennsylvania: Maj Michael Kerwin
Reserve Artillery

   Cpt John Edwards, Jr.

Provisional Brigade

   Col Elisha Marshall

  • 24th New York Cavalry (dismounted): Col William C. Raulston
  • 14th New York Heavy Artillery: Ltc Clarence H. Corning
  • 2nd Pennsylvania Provisional Heavy Artillery: Col Thomas Wilhelm

Army of the Potomac[edit]

MG George Meade

General Staff:

General Headquarters:

Provost Guard: BG Marsena R. Patrick

  • 1st Massachusetts Cavalry, Companies C and D: Cpt Edward A. Flint
  • 80th New York (20th Militia): Col Theodore B. Gates
  • 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry: Maj James W. Walsh
  • 68th Pennsylvania: Ltc Robert E. Winslow
  • 114th Pennsylvania: Col Charles H. T. Collis

Engineer Troops:

  • 50th New York Engineers (11 Companies): Ltc Ira Spaulding
  • Battalion United States Engineers: Cpt George H. Mendell

Guards and Orderlies:

  • Independent Company Oneida (New York) Cavalry: Cpt Daniel P. Mann

II Corps[edit]

MG Winfield S. Hancock


  • 1st Vermont Cavalry, Company M: Cpt John H. Hazelton
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Francis C. Barlow

1st Brigade

   Col Nelson A. Miles

2nd Brigade

   Col Thomas A. Smyth

3rd Brigade

   Col Paul Frank

4th Brigade

   Col John R. Brooke

Second Division
     BG John Gibbon

1st Brigade

   BG Alexander S. Webb

2nd Brigade

   BG Joshua T. Owen

3rd Brigade

   Col Samuel S. Carroll (w)[13]

Provost Guard
  • 2nd Company Minnesota Sharpshooters: Cpt Mahlon Black

Third Division
     MG David B. Birney

1st Brigade

   BG J. H. Hobart Ward

2nd Brigade

   BG Alexander Hays (k)
   Col John S. Crocker

Fourth Division
     BG Gershom Mott

1st Brigade

   Col Robert McAllister

2nd Brigade

   Col William R. Brewster

Artillery Brigade

   Col John C. Tidball

V Corps[edit]

MG Gouverneur K. Warren

Provost Guard:

  • 12th New York Battalion: Maj Henry W. Rider
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Charles Griffin

1st Brigade

   BG Romeyn B. Ayres

2nd Brigade

   Col Jacob B. Sweitzer

3rd Brigade

   BG Joseph J. Bartlett

Second Division
     BG John C. Robinson

1st Brigade

   Col Samuel H. Leonard
   Col Peter Lyle[16]

2nd Brigade

   BG Henry Baxter (w)
   Col Richard Coulter

3rd Brigade

   Col Andrew W. Denison

  • 1st Maryland: Maj Benjamin H. Schley
  • 4th Maryland: Col Richard N. Bowerman
  • 7th Maryland: Col Charles E. Phelps
  • 8th Maryland: Ltc John G. Johannes

Third Division
     BG Samuel W. Crawford

1st Brigade

   Col William McCandless

  • 1st Pennsylvania Reserves: Col William C. Talley
  • 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves: Ltc Patrick McDonough
  • 6th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Wellington H. Ent
  • 7th Pennsylvania Reserves: Maj LeGrand B. Speece
  • 11th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Samuel M. Jackson
  • 13th Pennsylvania Reserves (1st Rifles): Maj William R. Hartshorne
3rd Brigade

   Col Joseph W. Fisher

  • 5th Pennsylvania Reserves: Ltc George Dare
  • 8th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Silas M. Baily
  • 10th Pennsylvania Reserves: Ltc Ira Ayer, Jr.
  • 12th Pennsylvania Reserves: Ltc Richard Gustin

Fourth Division
     BG James S. Wadsworth (mw)
     BG Lysander Cutler

1st Brigade

   BG Lysander Cutler
   Col William W. Robinson

2nd Brigade

   BG James C. Rice

  • 76th New York: Ltc John E. Cook
  • 84th New York (14th Militia): Col Edward B. Fowler
  • 95th New York: Col Edward Pye
  • 147th New York: Col Francis C. Miller
  • 56th Pennsylvania: Col J. William Hofmann
3rd Brigade

   Col Roy Stone[19]
   Col Edward S. Bragg

Artillery Brigade

   Col Charles S. Wainwright

  • Massachusetts Light, Battery C: Cpt Augustus P. Martin
  • Massachusetts Light, Battery E: Cpt Charles A. Phillips
  • 1st New York Light, Battery D: Cpt George B. Winslow
  • 1st New York Light, Batteries E and L: Lt George Breck
  • 1st New York Light, Battery H: Cpt Charles E. Mink
  • 4th New York Heavy, 2nd Battalion: Maj William Arthur
  • 1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery B: Cpt James H. Cooper
  • 4th United States, Battery B: Lt James Stewart
  • 5th United States, Battery D: Lt Benjamin F. Rittenhouse

VI Corps[edit]

MG John Sedgwick


  • 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company A: Cpt Charles E. Fellows
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Horatio Wright

1st Brigade

   Col Henry W. Brown

2nd Brigade

   Col Emory Upton

3rd Brigade

   BG David A. Russell

  • 6th Maine: Maj George Fuller
  • 49th Pennsylvania: Col Thomas M. Hulings
  • 119th Pennsylvania: Maj Henry P. Truefitt, Jr.
  • 5th Wisconsin: Ltc Theodore B. Catlin
4th Brigade

   BG Alexander Shaler (c)
   Col Nelson Cross

Second Division[20]
     BG George W. Getty (w)
     BG Frank Wheaton
     BG Thomas H. Neill

1st Brigade

   BG Frank Wheaton

  • 62nd New York: Col David J. Nevin
  • 93rd Pennsylvania: Ltc John S. Long
  • 98th Pennsylvania: Col John F. Ballier
  • 102nd Pennsylvania: Col John W. Patterson (k)
  • 139th Pennsylvania: Ltc William H. Moody
2nd Brigade

   Col Lewis A. Grant

3rd Brigade

   BG Thomas H. Neill
   Col Daniel D. Bidwell

  • 7th Maine: Col Edwin C. Mason
  • 43rd New York: Ltc John Wilson (k), Maj John Fryer (k)
  • 49th New York: Col Daniel D. Bidwell
  • 77th New York: Maj Nathan S. Babcock
  • 61st Pennsylvania: Col George F. Smith
4th Brigade

   BG Henry L. Eustis

Third Division
     BG James B. Ricketts

1st Brigade

   BG William H. Morris

2nd Brigade

   BG Truman Seymour (c)
   Col Benjamin F. Smith

Artillery Brigade

   Col Charles H. Tompkins

Cavalry Corps[edit]

MG Philip H. Sheridan


  • 6th United States: Cpt Ira W. Claflin (Headquarter)
  • 8th Illinois (detachment): Lt William W. Long (Third Division)
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Alfred T. A. Torbert[21]
     BG Wesley Merritt

1st Brigade (Michigan Brigade)

   BG George A. Custer

2nd Brigade

   Col Thomas Devin

  • 4th New York:[22] Ltc William R. Parnell
  • 6th New York: Ltc William H. Crocker
  • 9th New York: Col William Sackett
  • 17th Pennsylvania: Ltc James Q. Anderson
Reserve Brigade

   BG Wesley Merritt
   Col Alfred Gibbs

Second Division
   BG David McM. Gregg

1st Brigade

   BG Henry E. Davies, Jr.

  • 1st Massachusetts: Maj Lucius M. Sargent
  • 1st New Jersey: Ltc John W. Kester
  • 6th Ohio: Col William Stedman
  • 1st Pennsylvania: Col John P. Taylor
2nd Brigade

   Col J. Irvin Gregg

  • 1st Maine: Col Charles H. Smith
  • 10th New York: Maj M. Henry Avery
  • 2nd Pennsylvania: Ltc Joseph P. Brinton
  • 4th Pennsylvania: Ltc George H. Covode
  • 8th Pennsylvania: Ltc Samuel Wilson
  • 16th Pennsylvania: Ltc John K. Robison

Third Division
     BG James H. Wilson

1st Brigade

   Col Timothy M. Bryan, Jr.
   Col John B. McIntosh[23]

  • 1st Connecticut: Maj Erastus Blakeslee
  • 2nd New York: Col Otto Harhaus
  • 5th New York: Ltc John Hammond
  • 18th Pennsylvania: Ltc William P. Brinton, Col Timothy M. Bryan, Jr.
2nd Brigade

   Col George H. Chapman

1st Brigade Horse Artillery

   Cpt James M. Robertson

  • New York Light, 6th Battery: Cpt Joseph W. Martin
  • 2nd United States, Batteries B and L: Lt Edward Heaton
  • 2nd United States, Battery D: Lt Edward B. Williston
  • 2nd United States, Battery M: Lt Alexander C. M. Pennington, Jr.
  • 4th United States, Battery A: Lt Rufus King, Jr.
  • 4th United States, Batteries C and E: Lt Charles L. Fitzhugh


BG Henry J. Hunt[24][25]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Artillery Reserve
     Col Henry S. Burton

1st Brigade

   Col J. Howard Kitching

2nd Brigade

   Maj John A. Tompkins

3rd Brigade

   Maj Robert H. Fitzhugh

  • Massachusetts Light, 9th Battery: Cpt John Bigelow
  • New York Light, 15th Battery: Cpt Patrick Hart
  • 1st New York Light, Battery C: Lt William H. Phillips
  • New York Light, 11th Battery: Cpt John E. Burton
  • 1st Ohio Light, Battery H: Lt William A. Ewing
  • 5th United States, Battery E: Lt John R. Brinckle
2nd Brigade Horse Artillery[11]

   Cpt Dunbar R. Ransom

  • 1st United States, Batteries E and G: Lt Frank S. French
  • 1st United States, Batteries H and I: Cpt Alanson M. Randol
  • 1st United States, Battery K: Lt John Egan
  • 2nd United States, Battery A: Lt Robert Clarke
  • 2nd United States, Battery G: Lt William N. Dennison
  • 3rd United States, Batteries C, F, and K: Lt James R. Kelly


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