Wilhelm Bubits

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Wilhelm Bubits
Born Wilhelm Bubits
(1954-10-28)October 28, 1954
Lutzmannsburg, Austria
Occupation Inventor, gunsmith
Steyr M9 pistol.
Steyr M9-A1 pistol.
Caracal F pistol.

Wilhelm Bubits (born October 28, 1954) in Lutzmannsburg, is an Austrian handgun designer and creator of the Caracal Pistol and Steyr Mannlicher M and S model pistols.


As a hobby shooter and former police officer, Wilhelm Bubits used his experience and ideas about handguns to advance modern pistol design.[1] Bubits worked for the Glock firearms company and in 1997 joined another Austrian weapons maker, Steyr Mannlicher. At Steyr, Bubits created the Steyr M and S pistols which were released to market beginning in 1999. In late 2002 Bubits worked with weapons experts from the United Arab Emirates in a UAE government sponsored "Small Arms Project" to develop a series of modern pistols. The result of the collaboration was the Caracal Pistol. Weapons manufacturer Caracal International LLC was incorporated in Abu Dhabi at the end of 2006. Wilhelm Bubits currently heads Caracal's research and development team.[2]

Mr. Bubits work as a small arms designer has resulted in several small arms related patents granted by the US Patent Office to him as inventor or as inventor on behalf of an assignee.