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Wilhelm Heitmeyer

Wilhelm Heitmeyer (born 28 June 1945, Nettelstedt, Lübbecke) is a German academic, sociologist, administrator and Professor of Socialisation at Bielefeld University in Germany.


Heitmeyer specializes in the research on right-wing extremism and on group-focused enmity.[1]

From 1982, he headed various research associations on right-wing extremism, violence, xenophobia, and ethnic-cultural conflicts.

Since 1996, he has been the head of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence.[2]

Academic research[edit]

His research interests are right-wing extremism, violence, xenophobia, ethnic-conflicts, social disintegration and group-focused enmity.

In 1996 Heitmeyer founded the Institute for interdisziplinary Research on Conflict and Violence.

Together with Douglas Massey, Steven Messner, James Sidanius und Michel Wieviorka he is editor of the International Journal of Conflict and Violence. Wilhelm Heitmeyer is a consultant for various institutions that promote research, including the Volkswagen Foundation, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, German-Israeli Foundation, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Thyssen Foundation, and Hans Böckler Foundation.

His editorial activities include membership of the editorial board of the series »International Studies of Childhood and Adolescence« (de Gruyter Verlag). He is also co-editor of the series Youth Research (Juventa Verlag) and managing editor of the series Culture and Conflict (Suhrkamp Verlag), »Konflikt und Gewaltforschung«  Conflict and Violence Research (Juventa Verlag) and »Deutsche Zustände«  German Conditions (Suhrkamp Verlag)

Selected works[edit]

In a statistical overview derived from writings by and about Wilhelm Heitmeyer, OCLC/WorldCat encompasses roughly 120+ works in 250+ publications in 4 languages and 3,700+ library holdings.[3]

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