Wilhelm Hieronymus Pachelbel

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Wilhelm Hieronymus Pachelbel (c. 1685 – 1764) was a German composer and organist, elder son of Johann Pachelbel.

Born in Erfurt near Eisenach (probably in the same year as Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel, and Domenico Scarlatti), Pachelbel studied with his father. The first printed reference to either Pachelbel is in Johann Mattheson's Ehrenpforte. It is believed that Wilhelm Hieronymus served as organist at Fürth and in Erfurt, then in Nuremberg in 1706, at Saint Egidien the same year, and was finally appointed to his father's old post at Saint Sebald from 1719 until his death.

Hieronymus published a single portfolio of works in 1725 which included preludes, fugues, and fantasias. Bach's Prelude in B Minor was formerly attributed to Hieronymus. His few surviving compositions are for keyboard.