Wilhelm Ruppert

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Friedrich Ruppert, 1945
Michael Pellis, a former inmate at Dachau, identifies former SS-Obersturmfuehrer Friedrich Wilhelm Ruppert as the man responsible for selecting people to die in the crematorium, at the trial of former camp personnel and prisoners from Dachau

Friedrich Wilhelm Ruppert (2 February 1905 - 29 May 1946). SS trooper in charge of executions at Dachau concentration camp. Among others, he was responsible for the executions of British SOE agents Noor Inayat Khan, Madeleine Damerment, Eliane Plewman, and Yolande Beekman.

Concentration camps[edit]

As of April 11, 1933 Ruppert, married and father of a child, was a guard in the Dachau concentration camp, and worked as a camp electrician. On 18 September 1942 he was transferred to the Majdanek concentration camp in Lublin. There Ruppert was the technical director of the camp administration. Ruppert was a witness to Operation Harvest Festival in November 1943, the mass murder of 43,000 Jews at Majdanek.

May 1944 Ruppert was a warehouse manager in the Warsaw concentration camp until its evacuation. Ruppert returned to the Dachau concentration camp in August 6, 1944, under the camp commandant Eduard Weiter. Ruppert was responsible for the operation of the camp. On April 23, 1945, he was replaced by Max Schobert.

Ruppert accompanied the death march of the prisoners in April 1945. The death march went over Pasing, Wolfratshausen, Bad Tölz to Tegernsee and ended on 30 April. Shortly thereafter, Ruppert was arrested by the Americans.

War crimes[edit]

Wilhelm Ruppert was tried for war crimes by the American occupying forces. He was subsequently convicted and executed by hanging on May 29, 1946.