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Wilhelm Tomaschek, or Vilém Tomášek (May 26, 1841, Olomouc – September 9, 1901, Vienna) was a Czech-Austrian geographer and orientalist. Born at Olmütz, in Moravia, he received his education at Vienna, becoming first teacher at the gymnasium, and after 1877 professor of geography at the University of Graz.[1]

He taught as a professor at the University of Graz (1877–????), University of Vienna (1885–????).

He researched about historic geography of South East Asia.

Literary works[edit]

  • Zentralasiatische Studien, 1877
  • Zur historischen Topographie von Persien, 1883–1885
  • Zur historischen Topographie von Kleinasien im Mittelalter, 1891
  • Die Alten Thraker. Eine ethnologische Untersuchung, 1893–1894


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