Will & Grace (season 1)

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Will & Grace Season 1
US DVD Cover
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 22
Original channel NBC
Original run September 21, 1998 (1998-09-21) – May 13, 1999 (1999-05-13)
Home video release
DVD release
Region 1 August 12, 2003
Region 2 August 30, 2004
Region 4 September 5, 2007
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List of Will & Grace episodes

The first season of Will & Grace premiered on September 21, 1998 and concluded on May 13, 1999. It consisted of 22 episodes.

Cast and Characters[edit]

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No. in
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Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 "Pilot"
"Love and Marriage"
James Burrows David Kohan & Max Mutchnick September 21, 1998 (1998-09-21)
Grace gets an unexpected marriage proposal and her best friend Will deals with his own feelings about her proposal. Will advises Grace against marrying Danny and she freaks out.
2 2 "A New Lease on Life" James Burrows David Kohan & Max Mutchnick September 21, 1998 (1998-09-21)
With nowhere to stay, Grace turns to Will for shelter. First he dismisses her idea of living together, but later agrees. Will's friend Jack meets Grace's assistant Karen.
3 3 "Head Case" James Burrows David Kohan & Max Mutchnick October 5, 1998 (1998-10-05)
Will and Grace find difficulty living together, when Grace decides to merge their bathrooms. Jack and Karen have to deal with Will and Grace's displaced anger.
4 4 "Between a Rock and Harlin's Place" James Burrows David Kohan & Max Mutchnick October 12, 1998 (1998-10-12)
Grace designs a room for Will's boss, Harlin, which Will dislikes. Jack begins his singing career with his first show of Just Jack.
5 5 "Boo! Humbug" James Burrows Jon Kinnally & Tracy Poust October 26, 1998 (1998-10-26)
On Halloween, Will and Grace plan to ignore the holiday-but they are forced to baby-sit Harlin's two children. Jack and Karen dress up and spend a night on the town, and Karen becomes very popular with some drag queens.
6 6 "William, Tell" James Burrows William Lucas Walker November 9, 1998 (1998-11-09)
Karen goes on vacation so Grace hires Jack to be her assistant. Jack tells her about an affair that Will had last summer that Grace didn't know about. Grace starts worrying that Will is hiding things from her, and stalks him when he goes out to dinner with a client. It turns out that the client is Karen who is considering leaving her husband, although Will manages to talk her out of it before Grace barges in. It turns out that Grace is scared that he is going to give her some big life-changing announcement like he did in college when he came out of the closet.
7 7 "Where There's a Will, There's No Way" James Burrows Jhoni Marchinko November 16, 1998 (1998-11-16)
Grace fears that Will is the reason that she has no interest in dating men. Jack faces trouble when the IRS catches up to him regarding his tax evasion.
8 8 "The Buying Game" James Burrows Dava Savel November 30, 1998 (1998-11-30)
Grace asks for Will's help in buying the studio that serves as her office space. They end up competing to see who can get the lowest price from the owner. Jack begins a career in massage therapy, taking on Karen as his first client.
9 9 "The Truth About Will and Dogs" James Burrows David Kohan & Max Mutchnick December 15, 1998 (1998-12-15)
Against Will's wishes, Grace gets a dog. Will soon becomes obsessed with the dog, and Grace thinks it is a manifestation of his attachment issues.
10 10 "The Big Vent" James Burrows David Kohan & Max Mutchnick January 5, 1999 (1999-01-05)
Will and Grace find entertainment in listening to the conversations through their heating vent. Jack writes and performs a play that expresses his dismay over the fact that Will and Grace are ignoring him.
11 11 "Will on Ice" James Burrows Michael Patrick King January 12, 1999 (1999-01-12)
It's Will's birthday, and everyone goes Champions on Ice-even though he doesn't want to (but pretends that he is okay). Grace and Jack find a mutual interest in figure skating.
12 12 "My Fair Maid-y" James Burrows Adam Barr February 2, 1999 (1999-02-02)
Will hires a cleaning lady and Grace becomes dependent on her for support while preparing for an upcoming designers' contest. Jack dates a guy he met in a bookstore, but when he lies that he's a successful lawyer, he drives the young graduate student away.
13 13 "The Unsinkable Mommy Adler" James Burrows Alex Herschlag February 9, 1999 (1999-02-09)
Grace's mother Bobbi visits Will and Grace and drives Grace crazy by suggesting that she should marry Will. Karen is horrified when she thinks she might be pregnant, but is actually sort of sad when she realizes she isn't.
14 14 "Big Brother is Coming: Part I" James Burrows David Kohan & Max Mutchnick February 16, 1999 (1999-02-16)
Will refuses to reconnect with his estranged brother, Sam. Grace and Sam have a fling.
15 15 "Big Brother is Coming: Part II" James Burrows David Kohan & Max Mutchnick February 23, 1999 (1999-02-23)
Will finds out about Grace sleeping with his brother, and although he's initially upset, he comes to terms with the fact that he really has not right to tell her who she can and can't sleep with.
16 16 "Yours, Mine or Ours" James Burrows Ellen Idelson & Rob Lotterstein March 2, 1999 (1999-03-02)
Will and Grace invite the same man over for a dinner date, and struggle while determining if he is straight or gay. Karen has to fire her driver.
17 17 "Secrets and Lays" James Burrows Dava Savel March 23, 1999 (1999-03-23)
Jack, Grace, and Karen take Will to Vermont for the weekend to get his mind off his anniversary with his ex-boyfriend. While they're there, Grace romances an old flame and tries to hide the fling from Will. Will tries not to be jealous.
18 18 "Grace, Replaced" James Burrows Katie Palmer April 8, 1999 (1999-04-08)
While Grace is consumed by work, Will befriends another woman in the building, Val Bassett (Molly Shannon). Jack is sentenced to community service for slapping a meter maid.
19 19 "Will Works Out" James Burrows Michael Patrick King & Jon Kinnally & Tracy Poust April 22, 1999 (1999-04-22)
Much to Will's embarrassment, Jack joins his gym, a place where he often conducts business with clients. He tries to tone down Jack's outrageous behavior, and when he complains to Grace that Jack is such a fag, Jack overhears him. Jack is upset, and Will realizes that he's rejecting Jack for his being different just as so many other people in his life have. When Karen has a fight with her husband, Grace suggests she go out with a girlfriend and have a good time. They both realize that Karen doesn't really have any girlfriend, so Karen comes over to Grace's place to hang out and they get drunk on tequila and bond.
20 20 "Saving Grace" James Burrows Jhoni Marchinko April 29, 1999 (1999-04-29)
Grace is hired by an arrogant publicist (Miguel Ferrer) under the condition that he gets a date with Will.
21 21 "Alley Cats" James Burrows Jhoni Marchinko & Alex Herschlag May 6, 1999 (1999-05-06)
Will accuses Grace of having too much competitiveness at their game night. Grace tries losing, but proves that Will is just as competitive. Jack teaches Karen CPR, which she reluctantly uses to save a man's life.
22 22 "Object of My Rejection" James Burrows Adam Barr May 13, 1999 (1999-05-13)
After Grace temporarily gets back together with her ex-fiance, Grace and Will realize that their living together may be preventing them from finding mates. Jack marries Karen's maid Rosario so that she can stay in the country.