Will Crewdson

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Will Crewdson
Background information
Birth name Will Crewdson
Origin London
Genres Electronica, New Wave, rock
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Guitar
Associated acts Rachel Stamp, Adam Ant, Johnette Napolitano, LIVAN, Flesh for Lulu

Will Crewdson is a London-based guitarist/writer/producer best known for his work with the UK band Rachel Stamp, US singer Johnette Napolitano and Adam Ant.

Crewdson spent 10 years touring and recording with the rock band Rachel Stamp[1] who, at one point, became the only unsigned band to sell out the London Astoria.[2][3][4] They also played gigs with Iggy Pop, Korn, No Doubt, The Tubes and Cheap Trick, among others.[4] They had several record deals, the biggest of which was with WEA.[2]

After this period, Crewdson concentrated on writing and recording with Johnette Napolitano,[1][5] the former singer with LA legends Concrete Blonde. The critically acclaimed Napolitano solo album Scarred was released on Hybrid Recordings in 2007.[4][6][7] He also collaborated with the US director/writer Tom DiCillo as one half of The Black and Blue Orkestre.[8]

In 2010, Crewdson played live, recorded and musically directed for Adam Ant's solo band. Gigs included a sell-out show at London's Scala. He also helped organize a tribute to the late Adam and the Ants guitarist, Matthew Ashman again at the London Scala on 21 Nov 2010. Crewdson played lead guitar on the night with the remaining members of Ashman's bands, Bow Wow Wow and Chiefs of Relief (featuring Paul Cook from Sex Pistols on drums and Billy Morrison on vocals) as well as performing another set with Adam Ant.[1][4]

Since 2011, Crewdson has been concentrating on his solo project, Scant Regard which is a combination of his twangy surf guitar stylings with a solid electronica backing. He is often accompanied live by Bow Wow Wow drummer Dave Barbarossa adding his own brand of tribal and Burundi influenced beats to Crewdson's compositions.[1][4] Crewsden is now working with Shaheena Dax (Rachel Stamp on new matierial as She Made Me Do It

He also continues to work in the USA with long-term collaborator LIVAN and has completed support tours with this artist opening for Alice Cooper, Aerosmith and Peter Murphy.[1][9]

As well as these projects, Crewdson has also played guitar for the following: Bow Wow Wow,[10] Malcolm McLaren,[4] Tom Jones,[1][11] Bryan Ferry,[1] Westworld, Martin Degville, Celine Dion,[1] Appleton, Pigface, Tyler James, T-Rexstasy, Billy Bragg and Dragons.[12]

In 2013, Nick Marsh announced that he was forming a new line up of Flesh for Lulu which includes Crewdson on guitar.[13]

Will rejoined Adam Ant in early 2014 for his UK live shows which included a one-off Hammersmith Apollo gig. Adam's classic Dirk Wears White Sox album was played in its entirety at this show. He was also featured in Jack Bond (director)'s full length documentary about Adam, "The Blueblack Hussar" which was released on DVD in July of 2014.


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