Will Warburton

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Will Warburton
Title page of the first edition of Will Warburton.jpg
Title page of the first edition
Author George Gissing
Country England
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher Archibald Constable & Co.
Publication date
Pages 333

Will Warburton: A Romance of Real Life was George Gissing's last novel. It was published in 1905, two years after Gissing's death.

Plot summary[edit]

Will Warburton is a young gentleman of means, a man of commerce, who, losing everything in speculation, is forced into the life of a grocer,[1] a thing he finds, at first, enormously tragic.

Will keeps his fate secret from his friends and his family and lives a life of humiliation and privation. It is only when the woman with whom he is falling in love discovers he is a grocer, and throws him over, that Will realizes that there is no shame in being a grocer.


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Further reading[edit]

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