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Will Whitehorn and Richard Branson and the nose of SpaceShipTwo, 2010

Will Whitehorn (born 1960) was, until recently,[not verified in body] the President of Virgin Galactic, a company which plans to offer space tourism flights to the paying public.[1]


Whitehorn was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe. He attended Edinburgh Academy and Aberdeen University.[1]

Whitehorn's early career was as a crewman on North Sea helicopters and also with the Thomas Cook travel agency. In 1987, Whitehorn joined the Virgin Group after being talent spotted by Sir Richard Branson. He had suggested a number of ideas to Virgin the previous year, in 1986, whereupon the company recruited him formally. He rose to become the head of Virgin's public affairs department.[when?] In that role, where he was effectively the official spokesperson for the company, he was sometimes characterized as Richard Branson's "right-hand man".[1]

He was, until recently,[when?] president of Virgin's space program Virgin Galactic but had to leave due to the relocation of the testing area.[citation needed]

Whitehorn became Chairman of the Transport Systems Catapult project in March 2013.[2]


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