Willa's Wild Life

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Willa's Wild Life
Genre Supernatural
Created by Dan Yaccarino
Written by Steven Sullivan
Dan Yaccarino
Directed by Gary Hurst (Canada)
Catharine Méziat (France)
Starring Jordan Todosey (Willa)
Danny Wells
Samantha Reynolds
Dwayne Hill
Darren Frost
Sunday Muse
Lisa Norton
Peter Keleghan
Katie Bergin
Jay T. Schramek
Composer(s) Geoff Bennett
Andre Hirz
Ben Johannesen, for TTG Music
Country of origin Canada
United States
France (worldwide releases)
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2 (renewed for a third season in 2013)
No. of episodes 26 (13 produced)
Executive producer(s) Dan Yaccarino
Pilippe Delarue
Scott Dyer
Doug Murphy
Paul Robertson
Running time 25 minutes
Production company(s) Nelvana
Original channel YTV
qubo (USA)
Tiny Pop (UK)
Picture format 4:3
Original run 2008 – 2013

Willa's Wild Life is a French/Canadian/American animated television series that first aired on ABC2 in 2008, then on Qubo and YTV in 2009. The show is based on Dan Yaccarino's book An Octopus Followed Me Home. It is about a 9 year old girl named Willa (Jordan Todosey) who has some very unusual pets. She has, so far, acquired a giraffe, two elephants, an alligator, and many more exotic animals. The show airs on Qubo at 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm Monday - Sunday, and 9:30 am on Fridays at ION Television.



  • Willa is the main character of the series. Willa has many exotic animals much to her father's discomfort. She has many wacky adventures and learns lessons along the way. Because of her adventures, she often gets into trouble. Willa is kindhearted and caring and never tries to hurt her friends' feelings. She is usually seen with a green and red dress, and a green hairband and her best friend is her next-door neighbor, Dooley. She also appears in all episodes. She is based on The Girl. She is voiced by Jordan Todosey.
  • Dooley is Willa's next-door neighbor and best friend. Dooley often gets caught up in Willa's adventures. He helps Willa learn lessons during their adventures. Dooley is usually seen wearing a purple T-shirt, yellow pants, and thick, round glasses. He is voiced by Samantha Reynolds.
  • Dad is Willa's father. Dad is not comfortable with the animals around the house, but knowing how Willa cares for them, he lets her keep them. He helps Willa learn lessons along the way. He is usually seen with an orange sweater vest, blue sleeves, brown pants, and glasses. He loves and cares for Willa. He is based on The Girl's Dad. He apparently has a crush on Ms. Vanderwinkle. His real name is never revealed.
  • Sara, Kara, and Lara are snooty, conceited girls who often bully Willa, Dooley, and Evelyn. Sara, Kara, and Lara can never get Dooley and Willa's names right. For instance, they call Willa "Wilma", "Wanda", and "Wendy", and call Dooley "Danny", "Donny", and "Dickie". Sara has a light skin tone and long blonde hair, and wears anything that is red or pink. Kara has a pale skin tone and long red hair, and wears anything that is purple. Lara has an olive skin tone and long brown hair, and wears anything that is green or yellow.
  • Evelyn is Willa's friend. Evelyn frequently gets into Willa's adventures. She seems to be grumpy all the time and gets discouraged easily. With Willa and Dooley's help, she learns to have fun and be happy. Evelyn is tall, has red hair and is usually seen wearing a long-sleeved turquoise shirt, and blue capris.
  • Mr. Tremble is the assistant principal at Willa's school. Mr. Tremble easily gets into Willa's adventures. He is usually seen wearing an orange toupee, a brown jacket, and blue pants. When he is in Willa's adventures he often loses his toupee.
  • Ms. Delilah Vanderwinkle is Willa's other next-door neighbor. Ms. Vanderwinkle is usually seen with a long-sleeved pink shirt, a flowered dress, and cat-eye glasses. She has an orange cat named Tangerine, and a nephew named Buzzy whom Willa babysat in "Baby It's You". Ms. Vanderwinkle's first name was revealed in the episode "Willa & Dooley Sitting in a Tree".
  • The Mailman appears in some episodes and is mostly scared by Willa's alligator, Gus.
  • Tiffy Tootle is a famous blond girl with decorative pigtails. Tiffy only appears in Willa’s Wonderful Life and near the end of this episode, she sees her biggest fan Willa and her family make a lot of pizzas by tossing.


  • Gus is an American Alligator. He is rude and obnoxious. Whenever he has a chance he tries to eat the Bunnies but is always caught by either Willa or one of the other animals. He sleeps under Willa's bed. Gus is always hungry, being an alligator. He is based on The Crocodile. He is voiced by Danny Wells.
  • Jenny is a Masai Giraffe. Jenny is the wisest of the animals. She helps Willa during her adventures. She acts as a mother figure to Willa since Willa's mother is not around. Due to her size Jenny sleeps outside. She is based on The Giraffe.
  • Inky, Blinky, and Bob are Chinstrap penguins. Inky, Blinky, and Bob are the dumbest of the animals. Bob does not speak at all, however, he just makes gestures accompanied by trombone sounds. They call Willa "Gladys". They are very good at ice skating. They sleep in the freezer. They also have a love for herrings! In each episode they are always involved with something. They are based on The Penguins. They are voiced by Dwayne Hill and Jay T. Schramek
  • KoKo is a Red Kangaroo. KoKo is from Australia. She has a pink bow on her head and keeps many things in her pouch. For instance, she keeps makeup products, scissors, and a signed photograph of a famous kangaroo named Willard Wallaby. She sleeps in the living room. KoKo is the girliest of the animals.
  • Steve and Edie are two harbour seals that used to be in show business before living with Willa. Steve's skin is darker than Edie's. Edie has a flower hair clip on her head. They give a performance every week in Willa's backyard and are talented musicians. They sleep in the bathtub. They are based on The Seals.
  • Wallace is a walrus. Wallace is the oldest of all the animals. He likes to tell stories about his adventures in the Arctic before moving in with Willa. He sleeps with Steve and Edie in the bathtub.
  • Samuel is a bactrian camel. Samuel is the most sophisticated of the animals. Willa rides on his back to school every day. He sleeps with KoKo in the living room.
  • The Bunnies are dozens of rabbits in different colors. The Bunnies are green, orange, blue, pink, and many more bright colors. The Bunnies can not speak but they squeak and giggle all the time. They usually give out kisses when they are happy. They sleep everywhere in the house. They are based on The Rabbits.
  • Bert is a grizzly bear. Before Bert lived with Willa and the other animals he lived in Russia. He is usually seen sleeping. Bert sleeps with KoKo and Samuel in the living room. He is based on The Bear.
  • Tiny and Lou are two Asian elephants. Of all the animals Tiny and Lou are the most immature. Tiny is blue and has a high-pitched voice. Lou is yellow and has a low-pitched voice. It is unknown if Tiny and Lou are brothers. They do not like to give elephant rides unless Willa wants them to. Tiny and Lou sleep in the garage. They are based on The Elephants.
  • Susu, Kuku, and Lulu are Sara, Kara and Lara's pet poodles. Susu is red, showing that she is Sara's dog. Kuku is purple, showing that she is Kara's dog. Lulu is green, showing that she is Lara's dog. They act snooty just like Sara, Kara, and Lara.
  • Sparkle is Evelyn's pet spider. Sparkle is orange and red. Sparkle is female. Sparkle only appears in Spider Girl
  • Tangerine is Ms. Vanderwinkle's pet cat. Tangerine is orange. Tangerine only appears in Over the Fence


In 2010 Art Director Adrian Thatcher received a Daytime Creative Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for his work on Willa's Wild Life.[1]


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