Willa of Tuscany

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Willa of Tuscany
Spouse(s) Berengar II of Italy
Noble family House of Boso
Father Boso of Tuscany
Mother Willa of Burgundy
Born 911 or 912
Died 970

Willa, known as Willa of Tuscany, was the daughter of Boso of Tuscany. She was the wife and queen consort of Berengar II of Italy. She was the mother of Adalbert, Guy, Conrad and Rozala of Italy.

She mistreated Adelaide when Berengar held her captive for several months in 951. The chronicler Liutprand of Cremona, raised at the court at Pavia, gives several particularly vivid accounts of Willa's character.[1] After Berengar's deposition, she was held captive in a German nunnery.


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