Koning Willem II Stadion

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Inside the stadium

Koning Willem II Stadion (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈkoː.nɪŋ ˈʋɪ.ɫəm ˈtʋeː ˌstaː.di.ˌjɔn]) is a multi-purpose stadium in Tilburg, Netherlands, and the home ground of Willem II Tilburg. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium is able to hold 14,637 people, was built in 1995 and renovated in 2000 to add business lodges, a restaurant, conference rooms, business club and a supporters bar to the main building.

The new stadium is built on the same spot as the old stadium, which had a smaller capacity and fewer facilities. This stadium was demolished in 1992.

The original name was Willem II Stadion, but in 2009 the stadium was renamed Koning ("King") Willem II Stadion, honoring William II of the Netherlands.

Coordinates: 51°32′34″N 5°04′01″E / 51.54278°N 5.06694°E / 51.54278; 5.06694