Willem Verhulst

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Willem Verhulst
2nd Director-General of New Netherland
In office
Preceded by Cornelis Jacobszoon May
Succeeded by Peter Minuit

Willem Verhulst was the second director of the Dutch West India Company.


Verhulst sailed from Holland, in January 1625. In the same year, more settlers arrived bringing with them horses, cattle, goats, and other farm animals.[1] In 1625, Verhulst oversaw the decision to locate the company's main fortress and town on the tip of Manhattan Island in the colony of New Netherland. The settlement, which was given the name New Amsterdam, was the first permanent European settlement in what was later called New York City. Verhulst was not popular with the Dutch colonists and was quickly replaced by Peter Minuit.

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Preceded by
Cornelius Mey
Director-General of New Netherland
Succeeded by
Peter Minuit