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William A. Jacobson is an American lawyer, professor, and conservative blogger.

Jacobson is a 1981 graduate of Hamilton College and a 1984 graduate of Harvard Law School. He is Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Securities Law Clinic at Cornell Law School. Prior to joining the faculty, Jacobson was a litigator in Providence, Rhode Island.

Jacobson has "a national reputation as a leading practitioner in securities arbitration."[1] His cases have been covered by The Wall Street Journal,[2] The Boston Globe,[3] The Providence Journal,[4] TheStreet.com,[5] RegisteredRep.com,[6] and Investment News.[7]

Jacobson is also a conservative pundit. He has provided commentary on legal and political issues in The Wall Street Journal,[8] The Washington Post,[9] Fox News,[10] CBS Evening News,[11] The Washington Times,[12] The Providence Journal[13] and Newsday, among others.[14] He is also a contributor to Politicos "Arena".[15]

Legal Insurrection[edit]

Jacobson is author of the conservative law blog, Legal Insurrection.[16][17] As of January 2011, Legal Insurrection was ranked number 24 in politics and number 67 overall by Technorati[18] and number 7 for top legal blogs by Avvo.[19]

Jacobson's writing on Legal Insurrection has been referenced by The Atlantic Wire,[20] The National Review,[21] The Hill,[22] New York Magazine's "Daily Intel",[23] The Christian Science Monitor,[24] The Boston Herald,[25] Rush Limbaugh,[26] The New York Times,[27] Gothamist,[28] CBS News,[29] The Wall Street Journal,[30] Investor's Business Daily,[31] The Washington Times,[32] AOL News,[33] The Week,[34] and others.


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