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In 1555 William Moses Annyas Eanes (Hebrew: Ben Yohanan, Arabic: Ibn Yahia[citation needed] ) became the Mayor of Youghal in County Cork, he was the first person of the Jewish religion to hold such an elected position in Ireland.[1][2][3]

William Moses Annyas Eanes was the grandson of Gil Eanes[citation needed] of Belmonte, Portugal. Many of the first Jewish people to come to Ireland were Marrano merchants from the Iberian peninsula.[citation needed]

His daughter married Yacov Kassin (Shamus Ciosain)[citation needed] son of Yehuda Kassin (Juan Cassin) a Marrano merchant who had moved to Galway in Ireland.[citation needed]

The surname Eanes also (pronounced Yah-nehs), is from the Hebrew Ben Yohanan and in Arabic, Ibn Yahia.[citation needed]

There was a three-time Mayor of Youghal in 1569[citation needed] and 1576[citation needed] and 1581[citation needed] called Francis Eanes, although the exact relation to "William" Moses is unclear.[4] [5]


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