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William Besson is a Parisian singer-songwriter. Born in France he writes and sings in English.

Besson refers to his sound as Electri-pop – a mixture of electro, trip-hop and pop. He spent a stint in London, where he developed his music and live performances.

A classically trained vocalist, he plays guitar and drums. The hip-hop and classic pop elements are a vital part of his structure but he is primarily an electronic musician. It is his rich and sometimes ominous voice that reaches into the audience and lifts the sound from being just another techno based theme.

William wrote and produced his first album Isn't it about Faith? in 2004. The album includes songs such as "1984", "Isn't it about faith?", "By My Side" and "Astrayed" which have proven very popular in his live performances.

Besson also appears as guest vocalist on French producer Arno Gonzales' track "Faking" available to buy on Missive Records.

As of August 2006 it is expected that he will be releasing a new four track yet-to-be-titled EP, out at the end of 2006.


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