William C. Bradford

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For other people named William Bradford, see William Bradford (disambiguation).
Dr. William Bradford
Born Lansing, Michigan
Nationality American
Chiricahua Apache
Alma mater Northwestern University
Harvard University
University of Miami
University of Florida
Occupation Writer
Tribal Official
Spouse(s) Susan Bradford

William C. Bradford is an American scholar of political science, law, national security, foreign policy, and strategy. He is a citizen and former Attorney General of the Chiricahua Apache Nation.

Early life[edit]

William Bradford was an All-State and All-American swimmer at Munster High School and the University of Miami. Bradford was a member of the U.S. Army Modern Pentathlon Olympic Development Team from 1979-1981 and the 1980 State Age Group Champion 13-14 Boys two-mile run. He earned academic and athletic scholarships at the University of Miami. Bradford discovered his life-long vocational passion for teaching at the age of 12 when he began teaching at the Munster, Indiana Swim Club Learn to Swim program. He is in his fifth decade of competition in shooting sports.


William Bradford earned a Ph. D. in Political Science from Northwestern University with major fields in International Relations, U.S. Foreign Policy, and Comparative Politics. His 1995 doctoral dissertation is entitled "United States foreign policy decision-making in Arab-Israeli crises: The association of United States presidential personality constructs with political and military crisis outcomes" (AAT 9537394). Bradford earned an LL.M. from Harvard University in International Law, Human Rights Law, and the Law of Armed Conflict. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Miami School of Law, where he served as project editor of the "" University of Miami Law Review and was a member of the Order of the Coif and a Dean’s Merit Academic Scholar. Bradford graduated summa cum laude from the Warrington College of Business, the business school of the University of Florida, [2] where he earned an MBA in Strategy/Economics. [1]


While serving as a Strategic Military Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Army, Bradford authored a politico-military assessment of the Bosnian conflict for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff John Shalikashvili as part of a Department of Defense brief to congress in the Fall of 1995. Bradford served at the War Gaming and Simulation Center Defense Intelligence Agency, National Defense University, Fort McNair, Washington, D.C., and in a strategic military intelligence detachment supporting CENTCOM, SOUTHCOM, SOCOM, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, and other agencies within the intelligence community. Bradford served as a teaching fellow at the University of Miami School of Law from 1998-2000, and then as a Landon H. Gammon Fellow at Harvard Law School from 2000-2001. He taught international law, law of armed conflict, national security law, property, and federal Indian law at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law from 2002 to 2006. While at Indiana, Bradford was named a Dean's Fellow in recognition of scholarly excellence in both 2004-2005 and 2005–2006,[4] and was voted Best New Professor by Indiana Law students in 2005.[citation needed] He was a visiting professor at the College of William and Mary Marshall Wythe School of Law in 2005. From 2004-2006, Bradford volunteered as a special adviser on the laws of armed conflict and detainee affairs to the staff judge advocate of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He also served as Ambassador to the United Nations for the Miami Nation of Indiana from 2004-2006. Bradford served as Attorney General of the Chiricahua Apache Nation in 2006-2009 and 2010-2011, and is currently Attorney General ex officio. In 2011-2013, Bradford was a Visiting Professor at the United States Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut teaching Criminal Justice, Military Law, Maritime Law, and American Government. He was an advisor to the Combat Arms Team and the Women’s Leadership Council as well as a volunteer assistant coach to the Swimming Team and the Law of Armed Conflict Mock Trial Team. Bradford is an Associate Professor of Strategy and Security Studies at the National Defense University, Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies, Fort McNair, Washington, D.C. He currently is on assignment at the National Defense College, United Arab Emirates, where he teaches international law, strategy, national security, defense components, and international negotiation.


William Bradford has been a commentator in national and international media on laws of war issues regarding Iraq and the War on Terror, and on the rights of indigenous people. On December 16, 2003, he was a guest on The Big Story With John Gibson, commenting on the tactics interrogators were likely to use on the just-captured Saddam Hussein.[2][3] On July 7, 2005, he was interviewed by the BBC and by CBS Radio News on the terrorist bombings in London. He has also been interviewed as an expert on issues concerning the laws of war by Radio France, Westwood One Radio Network, the Dallas Morning News, and other media outlets.


Bradford has written many law review articles on international law, the laws of war, and federal Indian law.[4] One of his articles was published in the Notre Dame Law Review, v. 79, (2004), titled, "The Duty to Defend Them: A Natural Legal Justification of the Bush Doctrine of Preventative War" [5] He is currently working on articles concerning the abuse of law, as part of the information war in the conflict with radical Islamism, and on the question of whether, and under what circumstances, the U.S. armed forces might have a duty to intervene against a civilian government in order to preserve the rule-of-law. Bradford and a co-author have a forthcoming book, Transnational Security Law and Policy, expected in 2015.


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