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William Cooper (1761–1840) was an Upper Canada business man and owner of mills along the Humber River in Ontario, Canada. Prior to 1838, the former name of the Village of Lambton Mills (now within Toronto) was Cooper's Mill, named in his honour in 1806.

Cooper was born in Bath, England and settled in Upper Canada with his wife Ann in 1793. He settled on Yonge Street north of the then Town of York, Upper Canada in 1800. He moved to the Lambton area in 1806 to established his mills (grist-mill, sawmill, fulling-mill). His businesses in the area were extensive; he opened a distillery, cooperage, tannery, blacksmith's shop, store, and tavern.

Besides his mills, Cooper was also auctioneer and was appointed a coroner of the Home District.

He sold his mills in 1827 to his son Thomas and waterfront property a year later. Cooper continued his other business as forwarder, commission merchant, and wharfinger until 1830. Married a second time to Isabella Watson, Cooper died in 1840.

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