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William Donner Roosevelt (November 17, 1932, New York – December 1, 2003, Palm Beach, Florida), a grandson of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt and the son of Elliott Roosevelt, was a prominent investment banker and philanthropist. His maternal grandfather was William Donner, a wealthy American businessman. William Donner Roosevelt features in Eleanor Roosevelt's personal papers and journals, and was a core member of the extremely influential Roosevelt family.

Behind the influence he held through his family and financial connections, which were extensive, William Donner Roosevelt was also an active philanthropist in his own right. Roosevelt served on many boards both nationally and internationally, including as chairman of the Perry Institute for Marine Science and board member of the William Donner Science Foundation and the Donner Canadian Foundation of Toronto, Canada.

He was often referenced in his grandmother Eleanor Roosevelt's personal diaries.

Roosevelt attended the St. Mark's School and Harvard University.

He was born only nine days after his paternal grandfather was first elected to the presidency.