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William E. Simon

The William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership is an annual award given by the William E. Simon Foundation in honor of its founder, former Secretary of the Treasury and financier William E. Simon, and administered by the Philanthropy Roundtable.

The award was created in 2000, first awarded in 2001, and is given to "highlight the power of philanthropy to promote positive change and to inspire others to support charities that achieve genuine results."[1] The prize is given to living donors who have "shown exemplary leadership through their own charitable giving, either directly or through foundations they have created." Donors who receive the prize are expected to exemplify Simon's ideals, which include "personal responsibility, resourcefulness, volunteerism, scholarship, individual freedom, faith in God, and helping people to help themselves."

The Simon Prize carries a $250,000 purse, which is awarded to the charity or charities of the recipient's choice.

The Simon Prize is presented at the Philanthropy Roundtable's Annual Meeting.

List of recipients[edit]

Year Recipient Notable Achievements
2001 John T. Walton Founder of Children's Scholarship Fund, school voucher advocate
2002 Raymond G. Chambers Private equity pioneer, Newark donor, United Nations special envoy for malaria
2003 John Templeton Mutual fund investor, creator of Templeton Prize, founder of John Templeton Foundation
2004 David Robinson San Antonio Spurs star, founder of Carver Academy
2005 Ben Carson Pioneering neurosurgeon
2006 Richard and Helen DeVos Co-founder of Amway, donors to conservative causes and education reform
2007 Frank Hanna III Merchant banker and noted Catholic philanthropist[2]
2008 S. Truett Cathy Founder of Chick-Fil-A and WinShape Foundation[3]
2009 Philip and Nancy Anschutz Founder of Anschutz Entertainment Group, Walden Media, and Foundation for a Better Life[4]
2010 Roger Hertog Asset management pioneer, patron of Jewish thought[5]
2011 Charles G. Koch Chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, funder of free-market organizations[6]
2012 Bernie Marcus Co-founder and former chairman and CEO of Home Depot, founder of Georgia Aquarium[7]

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