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Dr William Evans Hoyle (January 28, 1855 in Manchester – February 7, 1926 in Porthcawl)[1] was a noted British zoologist.

He was educated at Owens College and at Exeter College and went up to Christ Church, Oxford where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in 1877, Master of Arts in 1882 and a Doctor of Science, he was also Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. He was the director of the Manchester Museum from 1889 to 1909 and then was the first director of the National Museum of Wales from 1909 up to his retirement in 1926. Trained as a medical anatomist, Hoyle is most famous for his monographic studies on cephalopods from major exploring expeditions of his era including the Challenger, the Albatross, the British National Antarctic Expedition and the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition.

There is a portrait of Hoyle in oils at the National Museum of Wales.[2]


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