William Grosvenor, 3rd Duke of Westminster

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William Grosvenor, 3rd Duke of Westminster (23 December 1894 – 22 February 1963) was the son of Lord Henry Grosvenor and a grandson of Hugh Grosvenor, 1st Duke of Westminster. On his mother Dora's side, he was a great x2 grandson of William IV.

He was brain-damaged at birth. After the death of his mother, he lived with his stepmother, Rosamund, in a small house in the South of England. After her death he lived in another house in Bath with a carer.

The Duke died in 1963 at the age of 68, unmarried and childless; his titles passed to his cousin, Gerald Grosvenor.


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Peerage of the United Kingdom
Preceded by
Hugh Grosvenor
Duke of Westminster
Succeeded by
Gerald Grosvenor