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Rev. William H. Poole. LL.D (d.1896) was a minister and prominent British Israelite known for his 1889 book called Anglo-Israel or the Saxon Race?: Proved to be the Lost Tribes of Israel. It was originally presented as the first in a series of nine lectures and later published in Toronto, Canada beginning in 1879[1] and republished in New York during 1880.

In reaction to his speculations, which suggested that the original Anglo-Saxons were among the lost tribes of Israel[2] and the Irish Catholics were the remnants of the Canaanites, Dr Poole was expelled from the Methodist Church in Canada. He relocated to Detroit, Michigan where he became a Methodist Episcopalian. He died from apoplexy on August 7, 1896. He was buried in Albury Cemetery in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.


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