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William Harbutt Dawson (27 July 1860 – 7 March 1948)[1] was a British author who wrote numerous books around the turn of the Twentieth Century. Dawson was educated at Berlin University, and most of his works deal with Germany and various aspects of German social and political culture. However, he also wrote on General John Lambert, Liberal statesman Richard Cobden and poet and cultural critic Matthew Arnold.

Selected works[edit]

  • German Socialism and Ferdinand Lassalle: A Biographical History of German Socialistic Movements During This Century (1888)
  • Bismarck and State Socialism: An Exposition of the Social and Economic Legislation of Germany since 1870 (1891)
  • German Life in Town and Country (1901)
  • Matthew Arnold and His Relation to the Thought of Our Time (1904)
  • The Evolution of Modern Germany (1911)
  • The German Empire 1867-1914 and the Unity Movement (1919, 2 vol.)
  • Richard Cobden and Foreign Policy: A Critical Exposition, with Special Reference to Our Day and Its Problems (1926)
  • Cromwell's Understudy: The Life and Times of General John Lambert and the Rise and Fall of the Protectorate (1938)