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William Hunnis (died 6 June 1597) was an English Protestant poet, dramatist, and composer.

Hunnis was a gentleman of the Chapel Royal to Edward VI, but was imprisoned during the reign of Mary for plotting against her regime and narrowly escaped execution. After the accession of Elizabeth he was released, and, in 1566, made Master of the Children of the Chapel Royal.

His literary works include metrical versions of the Psalms, as well as some volumes of verse, including A Hiveful of Honey, and A Handful of Honisuckles.

His most famous musical compositions are found in a compilation, Seven Sobs of a Sorrowfull Soule for Sinne, which includes A Handful of Honisuckles. Those parts of the compilation which are musical are in a devotional style, and all his music in that collection consists of single-line tunes. Some of his work is for solo voice and viols, for example a setting of his own poem "In terrors trapp'd".

Cultural offices
Preceded by
Richard Edwards
Master of the Children of the Chapel Royal
Succeeded by
Nathaniel Giles