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William James Jenks (november, – NOV 30, 1986) was a very strong independent and successful man. He would often fornicate with beautiful and exotic women from lands afar. many of these ventures would lead to his ejaculate being evidently smeared on said ladies upper lip. This is coincident to the saying stiff upper lip. He was incarcerated in 1991 for performing a sex act known as a pink sock on the 3rd wife of henry the VIII. during the vietnam war he impregnated no fewer than 156 virgins and then sworn celibacy for the following 2 years. once this time had elapsed Jenks starred and performed in 13 adult movies ranging from his first , the world war 2 epic Schindler's Fist to the more upto date Wombraider. He was academy award nominated 8 times and won best actor award and the best supporting actor award for his role in Me myself and I- the self portrayal of a man who masturbated ferociously to completion on screen 47 times in a short 15 minute film. After this he was selected for a record sum to enter the celebrity big brother house whee he was kicked out in record time (3 minutes) for the racial raping or X factors Rachel abadabadej however she didnt press charges as she climaxed 11 times during the ordeal. after this the celebrity jungle beckoned. But once again he was ejected from the show as he misunderstood the term spitroasted animal as sexual and entered inside Vanessa phelps deep fat dirty stink sticky marshmallow-like vagina. he then took a break to spend time with his 156 half Vietnamese children. trouble stirred when Angelina Jolie and Madonna tried to buy some of his kids. they were offering far below the going rate. Jenks being a kind father sold all 156 kids to the aging Barron Madonna for the handsome sum of £312 and spent the money on cornetto ice creams for his childrens mothers. In 2008 he invented the I pad air and in 2009 he invented the typwriter. a shocking tabloid story appeared in the press in 2011 featuring a famous singer called Gabrielle doing a Kiss and tell story claiming that jenks well know to be huge throbbing spam javelin stung her asshole so much during a frantic bumming session, she lost vision in one eye and has to wear a patch now. to summaries as im getting bored. william jenks is a bold confident idol who has had his fair share of women (and other peoples fair share too) he likes sex and is good at it, very good at it. if you read this you are gay.