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For other people of the same name, see William Brooks (disambiguation).

William Keith Brooks, LL.D., Ph.D. (1848-1908) was an American zoologist, born in Cleveland, Ohio, March 25, 1848. He was educated at Williams College and at Harvard (Ph.D., 1875). He was employed at Johns Hopkins University from 1876 onward. He trained many of the prominent embryologists of the country.

He published:

  • Hand-Book of Invertebrate Zoölogy (1882)
  • The Law of Heredity (1883)
  • The Development and Protection of the Oyster in Maryland (1884)
  • Lucifer: A Study in Morphology (1881)
  • The Stomatopoda of H. M. S. Challenger (1886)
  • A Monograph of the Genus Salpa (1893)
  • Foundations of Zoölogy (1898)


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