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William Prager (May 23, 1903, Karlsruhe - 1980) was a German-born US applied mathematician. In the field of mechanics he is well known for the Drucker–Prager yield criterion.

He was a lecturer at Darmstadt, a deputy director at University of Göttingen, professor at Karlsruhe, University of Istanbul, the University of California, San Diego and Brown University, where he advised Bernard Budiansky.

The Society of Engineering Science has awarded the William Prager Medal in Solid Mechanics since 1983 in his honor.[1]


  • Beitrag zur Kinematik des Raumfachwerks, 1926, dissertation
  • "Dynamik der Stabwerke" (with K. Hohenemser), 1933
  • "Mechanique des solides isotropes", 1937
  • "Theory of perfectly plastic solids" (with P. G. Hodge), 1951

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