William S. Bennet II

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William S. Bennet II
Born (1934-04-30)April 30, 1934
Died Boston
Resting place
Squam Lake, New Hampshire
Spouse(s) Alice T. Bennet (née Talcott)
Children Jennifer Layne Bennet, W. Stiles Bennet III, and Pratt Hooker Talcott Bennet

William S. Bennet II (April 30, 1934 – November 24, 2009) was an American business executive who introduced Yoplait single-serving yogurt to the United States.[1] He was the son of Augustus Witschief Bennet (United States House of Representatives from January 3, 1945 to January 3, 1947) and Maxine Layne Bennet, and grandson of William S. Bennet (Republican, serving in the US House of Representatives from March 4, 1905 – March 3, 1911).

Part of his early education was at North Junior High School in Newburgh, NY in 1946-47. Bennet served in the United States Army in Germany from 1952 to 1954. He graduated from Amherst College in 1958 and was married to Alice T. Bennet (née Talcott) in June 1958. Bennet was President and CEO of Michigan Cottage Cheese from 1968 to 1978. He founded Yoplait USA in 1973, and introduced that yogurt to the U.S. market in 1974.

Bennet later served on the board of directors or advisors of Stoneyfield Farm Yogurt, The Country Hen, Grand Recipe Company, Inc., Intrinsic Solutions, Inc., Kettle Cuisine, Inc., BikeLink International and CityAccess.[2]

He died on November 25, 2009, in Boston, Massachusetts. He had been diagnosed with dementia with Lewy bodies. His remains were cremated and the ashes interred at the family plot in Squam Lake, New Hampshire.


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